Monday Reading; 7Tyrosine; White 7 Resonant Mirror, Reflection, Refraction. The Sun went into Aries Yesterday.

Do look at my previous post on Watson and Crick. That information found me this morning and went along exactly with the energy today. I’m trusting the current genetic information less and less but that is the warning from the DISCLOSURE movement. Most of what we consider valid science is not valid at all because of piles of information that’s been kept from us.

The mediating planet is Neptune for White 7 Mirror. It rules Pisces. Neptune is IN Pisces right now along with Mercury. It quiets people down. Neptune spends 14 years in each sign. This alignment goes well with the Age of Aquarius. There is a greater emphasis on all things mystical and imaginative which will spiritually be embraced collectively on a deep level, but I haven’t seen people flocking to me yet. They still want things to go back to “normal” which is hard to believe. They won’t. It’s time to meditate and take care of your body, not go back to normal.

The theme; White Mirror faces the shadow and is well-coordinated. This is a channeling alignment with Tone 7 and Rosalind Franklin was White Mirror. She came into my mind very strongly this morning.

The analog kin is Red 7 Dragon or the primordial mother.

The Guide Kin this morning was White 7 Dog, Aspartic Acid, or resonant love and loyalty. I felt this very strongly as I was looking at the Watson and Crick history. They were working in shadow, I believe, with the D.S. It’s the opposite of Christ Consciousness.

Currently we are under Antipode Yellow 7 Star which feels very creative and Harmonious. Venus mediates Yellow Star and Venus is in Aries now where it will remain until April 14th.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 7 Night of 7Alanine. This is strength to endure.

The 5GForce is White 7 Wind or 7Glycine. This is communicatin that resonates; more channeling energy. and we are having high winds in Michigan. Winter is swept out and spring is here. But the humans are not in a spring mood. Everything is different and who knows what they’ll choose to tolerate next.

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