Status of my Second Book, “DNA is Time”

It will probably be only one hundred pages once I add in the other three tables I’ve created for analysis. It will be worth the street readers while to pick it up as not all of it is complicated analysis of DNA sequences that make your eyes pop out of your head. You can skip that if you wish and move on to the next interesting section.

This a a hypothesis but it’s very possible I will add a section from Dr. Chavez on the Mother’s DNA in the sequences that he has found in the lab if it corresponds to what the Tzolkin is saying. He told me he found quite a bit. That is the Hidden Wisdom position. I have to finish a portion and then I’ll contact him and possibly go to New York for a pow-wow. He teaches up state.

Part 1 is pretty well done. I just have to put into words the patterns I’ve found which is not easy. Part II will be about the Tones of Creation and shouldn’t take me as long. There is some science on the radio sonic nature of some of our local planets which could contribute to that effect. It won’t take long to look up. The astrophysicists will be tasked with proving that.

So I believe I’m on target to market it this coming summer. I will find a cover from the same artist as “Healer”. If this book gets more attention, “Healer” will be more interesting for people to read since it’s autobiographical. Below is the art I’m considering. I think the bottom purple one might be spot on. The Sun as Time, the Spiral as DNA and the human holding the sun connects them. I do LOVE the top three though as well. What do you think?

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