Suspicious Observers Thursday

Hit the pause button early in when he shows the pentagonal cyclones on Jupiter. Amazing geometric synchronicity. Jupiter is the mediating planet for Valine∞Arginine (Yellow Seed-Blue Eagle).

Also note his information on how our solar system planets are in synchrony with our Sun. People believe the Sun just affects the planets and not vice versa but that is incorrect. Our planets and all life on them affect the Sun in synergy. That is exact with the Tzolkin Interplanetary Holon.

Remember that the Sun is the Stop Codon in A.A. sequences with Proline a distant second and the Sun is both 20 and 0. It is the 20th Tzolkin Archetype but in the 0-19 code it is 0. In Mayan math 0=20 and we go exponential. Our Sun brings the karmic Galactic Inbreath every 10 days and Blue Storm, it’s analog finishes the next 10 days with Solar-Prophetic Outbreath. He mentions lightning on this as well which is a potent archetype for Blue Storm. Lightning fixes nitrogen on the planet and releases phosphorus.

What you have there is the Tzolkonic CA or civilizational advance, past to present with it’s karma and then starting with White Dog, Archetype 10, you have the Tzolkonic AC or aboriginal continuity which is the future coming into the present.

I am prescient. Most psychics and healers are and it’s easy for us to see our clients past and into the future and how it’s being brought into the present. Once the future get very close to the present we can predict what is going to happen because it’s been created either by the individual or the collective. We’re not creating or doing anything to the clients energy. We’re just reading what’s been created whether they want to hear it or not.

I thinks it’s fun to wrap your mind around the Tzolkin lined up with our local astronomy which is also astrology by the way. And…astrology, the science of MEANING behind the movements of the planets and stars is the ancient precursor to Tzolkonics; DNA as Time. Hardly anyone knows that yet but they will.

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