Radiosonic Earth Template Applied to Our Bodies

The DNA movements on earth directly affect our DNA. I think astronomy and geological science are more accurate lately than current biology and genetics so I may start to post more of this proof and how it’s linked to the Tzolkin Harmonic overlay on the earth.

Above is map 44 from Earth Ascending.

Looking at this map, aboriginal continuity or future back to present moves NORTH of the equator starting in the west which is the primal connection to the earth through our FEET. Moving EAST radiosonically it changes TIME or our DNA up to our heads until we reach 360 degrees.

Our Civilizational advance or past to present move south of the equator also starting in the west and moving to the head going EAST.

The electromagnetic energy of our DNA goes equally back and forth right to left in our bodies, positive and negative charge, neutrons and electrons in every cell of our body. The same thing is happening on the EARTH BODY. Gaia is a being, alive, our earth mother.

This corresponds to the etheric body of humans and the earth. Chakra 7 and 6 are the head, chakra 5 is the throat, chakra 4 is the heart, 3 is the navel or power chakra, chakra 2 and 1 are primal and go from abdomen down to the feet. As we balance our own etheric body through meditation, Reiki energy balancing and tai chi we affect the earths etheric body.

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