Corey Goode on a fight for Timelines between Reptilians-Insectoids and Higher Dimensional beings regarding Spiritual Ascension or Technological Ascension


Newest YT upload from Corey!

‘Ascension Chronicles: Spheres of Influence’ Graphic Novel Pre-Sales @ A Galactic Temporal War Between Advanced and Ethnically Diverse ETs play on Earth leading up to a solar event that locks in a set timeline. A young boy is brought into A Secret Space Program and ends up serving a role similar to the story of Enoch as he meets with advanced Extra-Terrestrials and Higher Dimensional Beings who are battling over timelines in a Galactic conflict with Reptillian and Insectoid Races that worship an Artificial Intelligence God. It is a battle between a ‘spiritual ascension’ and a ‘technological ascension’ that is playing out in multiple timelines and realities. Join in on the Metaphysical MATRIX story based on the real-life testimony of Corey Goode.

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