Watch “Short Film – History of the Extraterrestrial Agenda & the Coming Global Revolution” on YouTube

This illuminates who is in the Earth Alliance as far as world leaders, Trumps family connection to Disclosure via his uncle who promoted Tesla’s work for humanity and who the negative E.T.’s are and who the good ones are. The Galactic Federation is in charge.

While it’s true that our DNA contains components of all 20 amino acids or the Tribes of Time, it is my belief that with the visitation to this planet of Jeshua, White 3 Electric Dog, his release of White 13 Cosmic Dog or 13 Aspartic Acid in HF33 onto our planet has given humans the ability to uplift the negative DNA in our bodies to ascension and become ONE with Source…via the heart of Christ. It’s in the Mystic Column or the human spine. That energy activation through the Sun is the key to healing any cellular defects NOW PRESENT in us.

Have a great Sunday.

White 12 Crystal Dog.

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