Watch “Major Solar Storm Due This Cycle | S0 News Sunday Mar.14.2021” on YouTube

The 11.3 Sunspot cycle he mentions is noted in Earth Ascending as affecting the evolution of our DNA and the timeline on the planet.

The fact that we aren’t sure if the big sun cycles are every 40 years or somewhere in the 30’s throw us off. I need to look at that issue for my book.

When he says at the end that the world could be thrown into darkness by a huge ELM storm I disagree. Be careful about ultra-rational people who don’t take into account positive E.T. help or Source when it comes to helping humans during events beyond our control.

I like science but I’m not an atheist. I have been known to be cynical about human rationality bc of their lack of emotional balance though.

I find atheism to be very irrational. It’s a control issue imo. An open and even broken heart is rational. I guess that’s another book. I know Rupert Sheldrake agrees anyway and he is no slouch when it comes to critical thinking!

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