Sunday Reading; Dedicated Alliance With a Guardian

12 Aspartic Acid

Today is White 12 Crystal Dog or Crystal Aspartic Acid. Aspartic acid is one of the building-block amino acids that are responsible for synthesizing proteins and regulating hormones in the human body.

The analog is Red 12 Crystal Moon. Things should be calmer on the emotional front than yesterday with tone 12.

The Guide Power this morning was White 12 Crystal Wind so likely there was some congenial conversation; at least supportive.

It’s DST. I just turned my clocks ahead. Look at our Antipode! Yellow 12 Crystal Sun. I’ll say our communal relationship with our Sun is a challenge. Especially since we keep changing our clocks when we no longer need to. What is the true time anyway? Did we originally put the forward or back? True time is known in our bodies not the clock on the wall.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 2 Polar Monkey tonight after dusk. That’s more fun, good communication to balance The Guide Power today.

The 5 GForce is White 2 Polar Dog. It’s takes two to tango whatever relationship you’re in. Everyone is different. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you don’t. I’ve found someone who is in affinity with me on most things but there could be a power struggle if we connect more. We have not yet because I know that if you pick wrong it can be tragic. Better to be mindful, not passionate although I do feel passion for him. That’s in the backseat because it’s the easy part.

We’re both independent, strong characters. We’ll see. Life takes compromise, like the teeter-totter. But White Dog says love and loyalty make for companionship. You don’t have to give up your self to be a companion with another nor should you. You can have space between you on issues that conflict or agree to disagree. Just don’t ever give up your CORE self for anyone.

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