Wednesday; The Galactic Tone is Integrity in order to Equalize

White World Bridger is Mediated by Mars and is the analog of Red Skywalker.

The antipode that we are currently in is Yellow 8 Galactic Histidine. This is intelligence with integrity or authenticity.

The annual Sun conjunct Neptune is adding an aspect that brings a high level of spirituality to the day. Neptune mediates Red Dragon and White Mirror so it may be pulsing off of the questionable timelines right now.

I hope you watched the video on Bill Wood that I posted yesterday regarding Project Looking Glass and my synchronicities.

Threonine, Glutamine, Aspartic Acid, Histidine and 6Arginine.

White World Bridger seals the store of death and change and the winds of change with the politics are still blowing. They are still waiting for right time to wipe the D.S. clean. All is still moving. We are not stuck with dementia J.B. who is a White World Bridger.

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