Synchronicities Noted After I Watched the Project Looking Glass Video

My Time Turner

This the time turner necklace my sister gave me for Christmas. A time turner is a mini version of the looking glass.

A looking glass is an archetype of White Mirror Tribe or Tyrosine. White Mirror tribe is in the Signal Earth Family along with Red Skywalker, Yellow Star and Blue Night.

Lastly, many of these symbols are in Q posts or Q drops. Q is the single letter for Glutamine in microbiology which is me, Red Skywalker.

I came up with a physics equation two years ago after reading Bohms Holomovement which is a secret now but will be in my book. I believe the Mirror Archetype is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement in the Signal family; 3, 13, 8 and 18 are the tribe numbers.

White 1 Mirror coordinate is 30:18:1:118 which occurs in 33 days from today. Notice every tribe number in the Signal family is in this coordinate!!! 33 days from today is Sunday, April 11, 2021

We shall see. My Hidden Wisdom is the antipode and my antipode is the Hidden Wisdom on this day.This kin occurs in Harmonic 30 which begins with my Guide Power; Red 13 Earth. I am supposed to be bringing this information to the public, clearly.

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