China…The Dragon Family, Human Progeny of Red Dragon Tribe Who Founded Life on the Planet; Cysteine Contains Sulfur which is a Founding Element on Earth!

Cysteine and methionine are two amino acids that contain sulfurMethionine is an essential amino acid, whereas cysteine is synthesized from methionine and therefore is nonessential.

Methionine is the START CODON in the A.A. Sequence. Red Moon Tribe is Methionine and contains sulfur.

  1. Dragon Tribe is Tribe #1; Cysteine which contains Sulfur. The #1 element starting life on Earth.
  2. Red Moon Tribe is Tribe #10; Start Codon which contains Sulfur. It’s the central A.A. starting the sequence in the chain Amino Acids; BOTH RED.

This is a big synchronicity with science.

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