Saturday Reading; Getting Things Done with the Full Moon in Virgo. Perfecting or Finishing a Project

The mediating planet today is JUPITER. The Full Moon lands on Blue 10 Planetary Eagle

Tone 10 is moving things along with the Full Moon in Virgo as it’s about Manifesting and Perfecting. If there is something we have not been diligent about it’s time to set a schedule or an end date when it will be done. I will set mine as end of the summer, “DNA is Time” will be done. I will give myself through the fall to set up self-publishing and marketing.

The theme today is Blue 10 Planetary Eagle ∞ Yellow 10 Planetary Seed as the Analog. The person born on this themeplex is a visionary and a project finisher. They are not a relationship person. They are doers and achievers. Don’t talk about it just do it, like NIKE says. And they are usually athletic. This is synchronous with VIRGO today which is CARDINAL EARTH so we are asserting our agenda over our physical environment this weekend and getting it in ship shape for spring. This is probably a type of pre-spring cleaning.

The Antipode today is Red 10 Planetary Serpent suggesting there was a rough start to this kin’s life; a survival situation that gave them a tough outer skin, thus the lack of emotional attachment or bonding in a relationship. They only need to get their job done and then they can die. They like to help people but they don’t live for people like most do.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 4 Self-Existing World Bridger and there you have it! I saw that today and thought it was perfect synchronicity. Their wisdom is found alone, dealing with change and death to bring more equality and opportunity to our society. They have the details of that vision in their mind and know how to seed it . That said, it doesn’t mean they are going to succeed with stubborn humans who have SOCIAL RULES and are not inclined to budge if they are emotionally attached to what they believe whether it’s good or not. I’ve seen that in practice as a bodyworker for twenty years. It gets tiresome when people won’t advocate or do for themselves no matter how much great service and info. you give the for their money. They just take it and go. Everyone knows that about humans. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Mark Twain said, “Don’t worry about people not paying any attention to your great ideas. If it’s any good you’ll have to cram it down their throats.” That sounds like the need to hire the right marketing agent. That’s what I’ll need to do.

The 5GForce is Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent which rings of Tiamat/Maldek karma. Maldek was Mars, Tiamat’s moon and has been in the news a lot lately. It’s not the most mild planet but there is plenty going on underground up there. The surface isn’t much to write home about. Most planets are teeming underground, including earth but for some reason most humans are afraid of life underground. We need to get over that. It’s more safe underground than it is on the surface and there is plenty of oxygen and water; even small suns.

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