Friday; Set Intentions While Sitting in the Sun

Red 9 Solar Serpent is the Analog, White 9 Solar Dog the Guide Power, Yellow 9 Solar Seed the Antipode Challenge, and Blue 5 Overtone Hand the Hidden Wisdom.

It’s a good place to do it. It isn’t sun worshipping but it is solar meditation. Find a window facing the sun at home or work and set some intentions for your OWN life. You can’t affect other’s lives in your mind as you can your own. Positive intentions for others is fine but if they have no positive feelings for themselves it will slide right off.

We are in receptive mode today and this morning the Guide Power is White 9 Solar Dog so again, the Christ Consciousness is coming through the Sun from Galactic Center. Use it.

The Antipode this afternoon is Yellow 9 Solar Seed. There are the intentions again. A seed is a DNA packet so use some of what I posted previously about the DNA double strand as time; past and future. Be sure and check your birth and inverse harmonics to see if you’re on track. I did this yesterday and looked at the harmonic of a man I’ve very drawn to. In his harmonic which is right next to my inverse, is Rosalind Franklin and Corey Goode. Meaning, key people I see as part of my future either in spirit or in person are right next to him. He is a future oriented person who never dwells in the past timeline either. That’s what I want. I saw new things in my birth harmonic as well and realized the first 52 years of my life were SO about clearing out my inverse harmonic karma. Done with it. Time to focus on my Birth Destiny Harmonic. Set your intentions for the future if you can.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight at dusk is Blue 5 Overtone Hand. This is radiant healing. A sense of accoplishment and knowing where you’re headed will be the fruit you’ve seeded if you do the work during the day.

It’s 11:11 right now as I type. LOL. The 5GForce is White 5 Overtone World Bridger. Change/Death is in the air. Spring is coming. The snow is melting and sun is out a lot in Michigan. We love it. March 4th we’re hoping for the changes promised at the Federal Level. Our society needs to be opened again and the masks taken off. This is just ridiculous. Disclosure is happening every day now, many events, all over the world. They can’t hide it anymore.

Be sure and check out my posts on the News About E.T.’s page. on this blog. Cool stuff is happening. They are here to support us, not to hurt us. The ones hurting us are in power after a fake election in Washington D.C. Karma.

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