Your Inverse Harmonic is Past to Present Karma (CA) and your Birth Harmonic is Future to Present or Dharma (AC)

Remember, CA is Civilizational Advance or what most people are caught up in; a ONE WAY TIMELINE where all they tap into in their DNA is one strand, linear, past to present landing on today. But today has many aspects of yesterdays in it because no one is aware of it. Thus we keep going into the future REPEATING THE PAST. That will continue until we wake up. That’s the purpose for what I’m teaching about time.

It keeps you locked in your karma and it can be found in your inverse harmonic. If you don’t have the Tzolkin in front of you and don’t know your inverse harmonic, let me know and I’ll work up a reading for you. It is extremely instructional. Mine has been unreal and been right in front of my face with no less than ten very significant people crossing my path who had or have birth gateways on one of the four gateways. None of it has been very positive or easy but GREAT LESSONS for me. That is what you will see in your inverse harmonic. It brings past lives to your memory as well; karma.

Your birth harmonic is about AC or Aboriginal Continuity, your dreamtime, the details of the destiny you choose for yourself. Some of it you chose before birth and thus were born to a certain mother in a certain family but the details are up to you. Most people have no access to this timeline because they are asleep, 3D clenching, not meditating, paying attention to what everyone and everything else is doing for FEAR OF MISSING OUT. You’re missing out on creating your own future and controlling your time when you do that. It’s not helping the planet or humanity. You’re not here just to watch everyone else, react and follow as though life is a spectator sport. It’s not; it’s an individual active sport or team sport. We really are free to choose. Free will and Liberation are universal Tzolkonic values. I type them all the time on here.

Now it gets crazier. Look at the Occult Partners in your birth harmonic. They are all 4 kin in your Inverse Harmonic. All the people who offered up karma in your inverse harmonic have A BALANCING ENERGY FOR YOU in your birth harmonic.

For me as an example; The remedy for Red 11 Serpent is at the bottom of my birth harmonic; Yellow 3 Warrior. That is exactly what I did with those people. I activated my Electric Warrior self. The remedy to White 12 Crystal World Bridger is Blue 2 Polar Eagle; balanced vision. The remedy to Blue 13 Hand was White 1 Magnetic Wizard (I’ll say). My ex husband was White Wizard and was very supportive of my healing practice. And the answer to my karma with Yellow 1 Star is ME; Red 13 Skywalker: explore, go beyond being wakeful or a beautiful performer who people follow and applaud (big whoop) to SEALING THE OUTPUT OF THE BODY IN SPACE with my presence in the world, in public. Cosmic Synchronicity will guide me in the details.

If you want a reading, let me know. I can give you some guidance and details.

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