Thursday; We Have Two New I Ching Hx’s that say Conflict and the Inverse Darkening of the Light

Suzuki is Red Skywalker

Harmonic 19 is expressing the intelligence of LIBERATION. The inverse harmonic 36 is remembering the elegance of EQUALITY. Think of this with regard to what is going on right now on the planet. We need to run these realities. This applies to the next 4 days.

Today is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker ∞White 8 Galactic World Bridger.

Guide Power this morning is Red 8 Galactic Earth or Galactic Synchronicity

Antipode this afternoon is Blue 8 Galactic Night which is harmonizing intuition from the unconscious or meditative state. Logic, thoughtful and organized. It’s deep and full of possibility.

Hidden Wisdom tonight is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Star. Equality sets in that is elegant and inspiring

The 5GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand. We have a higher dimensional sense of what we can accomplish and heal. This could involve channeling.

We could put a realistic face on it and say RESISTANCE. I talk about that a lot with regard to the antipode. Light and Dark are dependent on one another. Nothing can always stand in the light or there would be no balance. You must affirm this in your own mind. Dark is the fullness of the unconscious, fertile darkness that brings forth the Dreamtime and the AC strand of the DNA; Aboriginal Continuity. Without the Unconscious dreamtime in our sleep we would die. It’s a fertile, dark land when our body rests.

Think of Blue Night, Blue Storm, Blue Eagle, Blue Hand, and Blue Monkey. They are fertile, creative, mysterious, restful and not easy to ground. They skew toward the unconscious mind. Think of the 52 year Blue Castle of Burning, court of magic, power of turning around in the Dreamspell when it was around. The castles are exponential. They can be 52, 520, 5200, 52, 000, etc. By the power of 5 x 4 = 20 which in Mayan math is 0 or the conch shell we live by cycles of 52. The Native American say that when you reach the age of 52 your end your first life and start your second one. That’s why my plan is to live to be 104. I’m only 5 years old as an adult. Your first 52 years you are a child. Your second 52 years you are an adult.

Rest and darkness are not evil they are FERTILE with ideas and bringing forward a future that was created before. It’s another timeline. A motivation of the time thieves in our institutions to portray the fertile womb, women, and darkness as evil is to steal the energy from the AC or the other timeline full of information from our future. They’ve managed to take some of it but we can reclaim with our minds and choices as we each become conscious.

We have a brilliant, vital immune system. It’s helped the human race reach 8 billion population on the planet and has defeated an endless list of microbes. Most microbes in the body are beneficial; not dangerous. Trust your body and take care of it. The institutions don’t want you to do that because they make less money off of empowered, happy people.

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