Tuesday; Monkey See, Monkey Play

Robert is in Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey and has the exact same birth themeplex as Kaley Cuoco

I was working on the book all morning. It’s almost done. The dominance of the hidden wisdom, occult partner, subconscious mind which is our mother’s DNA rules the roost when it comes to DNA evolution; our evolution. Our parents programmed us to go one way or another. If we don’t want to go their way we’ve got our work cut out for us. We WIN by creating the CONSCIOUS MIND which oversteps all other aspects of mind. It’s the adult choice mind that no longer needs to be told what to do, to be held like a baby, to whine or cry like a baby but gets to work as a co-creator on what is fun for you as an adult. Emotions are in check.

We are already into the afternoon antipode; Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon; Private Being, creative and supportive and goes well with the Cancer Moon. This afternoon is not outgoing or talkative. We’re probably mulling over deeper issues of nurturing and intimacy.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 8 Galactic Dog. This is galactic level love and loyalty; not earth level. You need to reach higher past all of the drama. It’s right there for us.

The 5GForce is Red 8 Galactic Moon which alludes to what I said about emotions above. Galactic Moon is CREATIVE, ARTISTIC, TRUTH, EXPRESSIVE emotion kept together by the conscious mind. There is nothing child-like about it.

Full Blood Moon suits this themeplex perfectly

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