Empowerment and Love Doesn’t Mean Easy or Nice

Empowerment is usually pretty rough actually. I love all of my patients and so I empower them with the truth. I don’t lie to them like a politician and tell them what they want to hear. That’s why I’m not making six figures. I just make a living and keep my integrity. That’s priceless to me.

The doctors and the media do plenty of lying so I assume my patients get their fill. Still, I am loyal to the people who stick with holism. It is the most empowering way to treat the body and hence not terribly popular. There are no muzzles and crates for the dogs that need to feel secure with a master in control. That’s why people keep wearing the masks. They like the control because they won’t, or are too lazy to control themselves.

Not all dogs are in need of that control though. Some dogs are radiant, brilliant, loving and loyal. They don’t need to be controlled all the time on a leash.

Today is White 5 Radiant Dog ∞ Red 5 Radiant Moon. The Sun has just entered Pisces along with the Cancer Moon today so it’s a beautiful vibe if you can get centered in it.

The Guide power right now, this morning is White 5 Radiant Mirror. We get to reflect and refract under the Tone 5 influence; Order and Endlessness. We face the shadow (I’ll say), discriminate, use our sword of wisdom, get clarity, practical and meditative.

The antipode this afternoon is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun. Maybe the Sun will come out and it will stop snowing where you are. We can get our mood back up and become more loving with the White Dog influence. This is Christ Consciousness so no doubt we’ll get schooled.

The Hidden Wisdom at dusk is Blue 9 Solar Monkey. MORE SUN with the solar tone but Monkey is light hearted so it looks to me like it’s early in the day and we can improve the vibe ourselves. No media is safe anymore. I’ve limited mine almost completely and B.S. still manages to creep in. Nothing is perfect.

The 5GForce is White 9 Solar Dog; This merges well with the antipode; Yellow 5 Radiant Sun and sort of fulfills it.

Keep doing the work you love and taking care of the BODY YOU LOVE; Your own. You can never go wrong doing that and don’t do it for anyone else so they’ll “want you”; do it for you so that no matter where you go or show up you are at your most radiant; like the Sun.

Radiant light. Radiant means radial or shooting off in every direction circular.

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