Sunday; Bring Some Form to Your Feelings

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The water is balanced and contained in the center between the trees and the rocks and it’s flowing. That looks like a good archetype to me for today’s themeanalog; Red 4 Self-Existing Water∞White 4 Self-Existing Dog. That’s also how your muscle looks also when the blood is flowing, which it should be doing freely all over the body.

It’s a bit of a myth to believe that just because you flow your feelings or express them that you are illogical or irrational. It’s the opposite. If you repress them (a backed up flood) you cause all kinds of pathology in the body in any muscle or organ. All pathology (illness) is caused by repressed, unexpressed emotion. No discussion. It’s been studied and there are stacks of proof. That’s why our human institutions are in the shape they are in by the humans that dominate them.

This is a very cool meditation that goes with the 1285 Hz level called for in the next 4 days. It’s only about 7 minutes long. Look at the explanation of how each related Hz level is included in this. I’m listening to it right now with earphones on and love it.

Very intelligent people run a balance between intuition, reason, and emotion. We have to in order to survive which is the Guide Power this morning; Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent. This kin is intimate and passionate, sensual and charismatic. Nothing wrong with that folks. Life would be boring without intelligent people who express themselves. They are artists.

The requirement here is Tone 4; being self-contained, going it alone, DIY, take responsibility for your body, vision, focus, and commitment. The antipode this afternoon is initiation by fire; Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm whose fire analog is Yellow Sun. There are more than a few insecure haters out there. Once you take responsibility for expressing your truth the arrows will start to fly. So what? Consider the source. Be careful who you respect.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight is Yellow 10 Planetary Human; the fruit hanging on the Tree of Life. Usually, when there is a waterfall (image above) it empties into a basin such as a lake. That is synchronous with today’s new I Ching Harmonic; The Joyous Lake which covers today and the next three days. When you commit yourself to good, healthy action you will reap the emotional rewards; contentment mostly, joy and happiness which you are 100% in control of barring outside influences.

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Monkey which is a human artist. I just mentioned that above. There is a gestalt of passed on great artists just as there is a gestalt of people from any profession who can influence us here on earth from another dimension if we pay attention. J.K. Rowling was born on this gateway. She was able to bring her inspiration together really well into an art form and it turned out to be very successful; even epic. It’s quite taboo for a woman to be an epic writer and she’s taken a lot of heat from men but she had herself organized and put it out there. So be it. Our lives are not a popularity contest but time and space to create something very cool for humanity which reaps fun and abundance for ourselves. That usually means it’s going to be controversial.

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