Thursday; Resonant Self-Generation by Lightening up and Flowing Emotionally

This is a new visual for you to play with. The Theme and the analog are next to each other. You just have to hold your mouse button down and slide the window over to see Yellow 7 Sun. I like it because essentially, there is no separation between the two on the day that they occur. It’s super important that you get to know your analog archetype to understand what your real support is. The attributes of your analog will pulse in your life big time, positive and negative and it’s important to recognize them and realize it’s all happening for a reason.

Today is Blue 7 Resonant Storm whose Analog is Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

For a few more minutes we’re under the Guide Power this morning of Blue 7 Resonant Monkey. We can easily be attuned to play, illusion and magic. This is a co-creator of a higher life, transparent and communicative.

The antipode for the afternoon is Red 7 Resonant Moon meaning you will likely run into someone or something with which you feel affinity and there will be a direct pulse to get some emotional flow going.

The Hidden Wisdom this evening is White 7 Resonant Wind so again, more affinity and great energy for socializing and communication. In addition there are about 6 planets in Aquarius today as well as the Moon something is definitely moving strongly toward the Age of Aquarius. The old ways are dying off.

The 5GForce is Red 7 Resonant Dragon or Survival instinct and Passion.

Have a great Day!! Lisa T.

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