Monday; 4Histidine. 45 Days until the ALPHA point

Red 10 Planetary Dragon

Kin 56 + 45 days = Kin 101

4Histidine + 10Cysteine = U.S. Space Force engagement with the Draco? I hope not. Cysteine is the Red Dragon Tribe. It could easily mean the planetary Reptilian (their offspring) who have to relinquish control of the planet to us now. That means the monetary system will be FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE HUMANS ON THE SURFACE. (The GOLD STANDARD and CRYPTO) They don’t really have a choice but if they want to resist it, we’ll engage them. The Federal Reserve is History as well as the Crown Heads of Europe who are Reptilian. Throw China and the Draco in there is it IS a family affair.

What is the ALPHA point in the I Ching? Alpha means beginning and it lands on Hx60; HF26 in the Harmonic. The I Ching Hexagram means LIMITATION and applied to our bodies it pulses to Consciousness and Mind so it means the BEGINNING OF LIMITATION (of comprehension regarding what’s going on).

We’ve all been gossiping about our fellow human beings because enquiring minds want to know on social media and the MSM loves memes and creating things out of thin air to fit their narrative. So if you’re a Pub, one must gossip about the Dems and if you’re a Dem one must gossip about the Pubs. Ne’er the twain shall meet. None of it matters and politics is NOT what’s going on. The Universe and evolution is what’s going on but you have to put on your thinking cap and OBSERVE if you want to make it to the other side of consciousness.

All of this is limitation of perception, limitation of consciousness and limitation of intelligence. Those that truly cannot see past the end of their nose will descend into End Times Madness which is what Corey Goode calls it. There are hundreds of us putting the information out there so it’s up to you to read it and grasp it to remain calm and ready. Ours minds, the reach of the Earth to join the Universal stream and disclosure of other species and planets is going to expand exponentially.

Looking at the Tzolkin the ALPHA point begins on;

  • Red 10 Planetary Dragon or 10Cysteine. The 5GForce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm pulsing on today; Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior.
  • White 11 Spectral Wind or 11 Glycine; chaotic communication
  • Blue 12 Crystal Night or 12 Alanine; Communal abundance
  • Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed or 13 Valine; the cosmic seeding our TRUE DNA HISTORY

This is the entire harmonic and comes under the Beginning of Limitation Alpha Point.

Today is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior; fearlessness and intelligence, high standards and pragmatic. This is the military. We are mediated by SATURN.

The analog today is Blue 4 Self-Existing Night; logical and powerful, conservative and thoughtful, organized

The Guide Power for another 30 minutes today is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human. I hope you’ve got some alone time and are meditating.

The antipode challenge is White 4 Self-Existing World-Bridger. It’s a challenge to accept what you have to let go of, let something die, let it change you. and let the past go.

The Hidden Wisdom this evening Red 10 Planetary Serpent; Perfecting a project, manifesting a dream and using GRIT and instinct to finish it.

The 5GForce is Yellow 10 Seed or 3D Targeting and focus. Whatever it is you need to get done you’ve got the mojo backing from the Universe to get it done today.

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