Thursday Reading; Yellow 13 Glutamic Acid; Cosmic Humans

“I Endure in order to Influence.

Transcending Wisdom, I seal the process of Free-Will with the Cosmic tone of Presence.

I am guided by the power of Intelligence.”

EARTH is our mediating planet. Free Will for humans is the Cosmic way. The family and especially the Mother-child bond is the bedrock of society and civilization. Our mother’s DNA (those issues and karma) are in our Hidden Wisdom position in the Tzolkin Themeplex. The subconscious mother influence is key to our soul tethering to the body at the Dan Tian below the navel and going through our destiny and life lessons, all spelled out in the birth themeplex. The Father has a huge subconscious role too but because the child is IN the mother 24/7, she has the strongest bond.

It is my opinion, and many others, that the function of ALL institutions of society is to make sure a healthy and productive mother and child are kept safe. The male, from an evolutionary standpoint is the protector and provider while the children are young although that seems to be changing too. So our society needs to make sure men have work and can create work for themselves to keep the family going.

There is nothing more sinister during this Plandemic and Social reset than the mandates to stop having holidays and being with your family. It didn’t work and it’s not going to. The Universal DNA teaches that we are One Universe and One Human family. I mean that in the broadest terms meaning, most of the Stellar Species are human. They look like us, not the greys. They are just a different variety of human and some look like us and some look totally different than us. We are One Cosmic Family and all of our DNA is almost exactly the same no matter how different we look.

This is the evolution of GLUTAMIC ACID or in the Mayan symbolism; Yellow Human. Today hits on Yellow 13 Cosmic Human and we are at the end of the Yellow Sun Wavespell. The analog is Blue 13 Cosmic Hand or Cosmic Healers. NOW we’re getting somewhere and actually the reason I’m on the planet.

Human beings are Healers meaning, we are superhuman and CAN HEAL OURSELVES. The process has changed since the middle of 2020 and I will need to incorporate the process into my next book. Speaking of the Sun, that is exactly in synchronicity with how we heal our DNA; through the Sun. So it’s no mistake that Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun wavespell ends with Yellow 13 Human. That’s exactly right. It starts with Tribe 20 and proceeds from Red Dragon Tribe one to Yellow Human Tribe 12. There we have the establishment of the principle vibration of 4 on the planet through the 12 and the 24 hour day that syncs with our solar system AND the Tzolkin ruled by 13:20, 20 being The Sun Tribe and in this case, the 13th Mayan archetype starting out this wavespell. The Sun keeps exponential time and is the gatekeeper between the solar system and Galactic Center via the Van Allen Belts. It will all be in the book.

The Guide Power this morning, right now, is Yellow 13 Warrior. We have to fight our way through don’t we. I have a good friend whose Sabian symbols and astrology are all about fighting TO GROW, expand, and evolve. Resistance and struggle is very creative for him. I’m the opposite; the absolute opposite but I get it. I see people engaging in resistance and struggle all the time and it’s their destiny! Yellow 13 Warrior is about Enduring with Fearlessness and intelligence, questioning everything, being realistic, wise, status conscious, high standards and organized. Don’t feel sorry for people who struggle and don’t follow them! Be yourself. They are choosing to struggle because it’s helping them grow. It’s their way but don’t judge.

The antipode this afternoon is White 13 Cosmic Wind. Wow. We do have a BIG WIND-SNOW storm coming with High winds and a foot of snow. The weather follows the Tzolkin as well. The earth has a destiny just as we do and is an alive, sentient being; GAIA. This is the Breath of Spirit and we need to each let it change us in whatever way we need to be changed.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight is Red 1 Magnetic Moon. Maybe there is a new emotional piece coming forward in our subconscious mind. This is self-remembering. For me, I’m healing and aligning my body so quickly that I’m remembering parts of myself I’d forgotten. Or, sometimes we put part of our psyche in a drawer because it was a coping mechanism for something years ago. Does it still apply? This is mutable alignment and strong in feelings. We’ll see.

The 5GForce is Yellow 1 Magnetic Star (my Hidden Wisdom). This an outgoing beauty that is charismatic and gets others attention. I generally do not like a lot of fuss made over anything pertaining to me but I may soon have a message to get out on this subject matter and it is challenging to simplify it enough to keep people’s attention. I many need to pull my actor self out of the drawer but I’m not there yet, thank God.

Yellow Star is Harmony, Beauty, and Elegance. All Good things.

Have a great day. It’s almost the weekend.

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