Wednesday Reading; Blue12 Crystal Monkey Asparagine; Cooperative Illusion in the Matrix

You can always use the Violet Flame in your meditations on any area of your body that you want to heal.

It’s a romp really and we use our body to do it. The amino acid Asparagine is a powerful co-creator of a higher life or evolution forward which is ascension. Everything in the natural world evolves and changes and humans are just part of it.

Today is Blue 12 Crystal Monkey; play, illusion, magic, The Joker, Trickster, humorous and communicative.

The analog is Yellow 12 Crystal Star which is harmony upon harmony, communal, tolerant, elegant, artistic. These two know how to have fun and create a good time.

The Guide Power this morning, which we are in right now, is Blue 12 Crystal Night; dedication to intuition and abundance in all of it’s forms. This is the unconscious mind really tuning into the ethers, the groupthink, the gestalt, getting a read on what we are collectively (Tone 12) creating. I think we’re being very patient, maybe too patient with the B.S. the lie of toxic virus, lockdown, control and masking. I’ve never participated in any of it so I’m not going as goony as most people. My patients are off the rails and the management people who are my patients say their employees are off the rails. You don’t have to be if you don’t follow others or watch T.V. That might be asking too much I guess.

The antipode this afternoon is Red 12 Crystal Dragon. That is the energy of pulling your body inward into BEING and NURTURE by yourself. You could be pulled in IN A GROUP but as I said above, I’m not sure workout groups are legal right now. The myth of social distancing is still in effect in most places. So do it at home. I just did a 1 1/2 hour workout. No more male personal trainer. I can do it by myself and know plenty about the muscles on my own. I did appreciate the kick in the pants while it lasted.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 2 Polar Dog or stabilizing love and loyalty. If you need to stabilize a relationship this evening, this would be the time to do it.

The 5GForce is Red 2 Polarizing Moon. The Moon was just in Libra but now it’s in Scorpio so purifying the flow of emotion is all over the day again. These seem to be very present lately.

Have a great day!!!

Asparagine, Leucine, Alanine, Cysteine, Aspartic Acid

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