Tuesday Reading; Love that Liberates by Dissolving the self with a small “s”.

Aspartic Acid, Methionine, Stop Codon, Asparagine

I dissolve in order to Love.

Releasing Loyalty I seal the process of Heart with the Spectral tone of Liberation.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

The Tzolkin #50

It is mysterious and I don’t talk in those terms very much on here. It’s because of the ritual of sacrifice and suffering that erroneous religion has taught humanity is in error. We don’t dissolve by torture and sacrifice but by Love and commitment to Loyalty. It’s heart-breaking which is healthy and these are attributes of White Dog.

Dissolving the self mean YIELDING TO THE HIGHER SELF, the part of you that is one with God. Religion left that out even though it’s all throughout ancient teaching if you go far enough into the past. So much was hijacked in the Dreamspell 26,000 years ago. Of course the spell is broken now and we are no longer in a dream of ritual blood sacrifice that feeds God knows who.

Human blood is priceless, I’ll grant you that. It is QI. But love that liberates is not about human blood but human MIND. Liberation of the Mind is what the Tzolkin is about.

How we do we liberate the Mind? With correct information that is in mathematical and Universal alignment. Information that seeks cooperation with the whole and empowers the body to function in space as A WHOLE piece. Our bodies nor our minds are in pieces. The so-called “professionals” talk about the body and mind as though it’s in pieces but it’s not. That’s the fall-out from reductionism in science where the scientist feels that in order to understand how something works you have to take it apart and reduce it to it’s smallest pieces like a child discovering a radio or a car and taking it apart and putting it back together. It’s a childlike perspective!

The adult perspective is holism. Use your intuition, your 12 physical senses and your rational mind to observe and interact with the situation to figure it out. You don’t have to cut it up, injure it or destroy it’s wholeness.

Dissolving the wall around the heart that keeps it from breaking or bonding emotionally and spiritually is another matter. No one likes to feel heart broken but it seems terribly common on Earth. And then some of us feel sorry for ourselves because it’s happened too much beyond our control.

As the quote today says, “It’s the process of heart”. If your heart breaks it’s liberated from fear! We don’t die from heartbreak; we die from the wall around it, the repressed feelings, the fear of living and the fear of dying. The fear of being who we are and then being rejected for it by other humans who reject themselves. So what difference does it make? They are weak. Consider the source before you care so much about how they view you. Just be yourself.

Me-Lisa T.

The mediating planet is Mercury which is retrograde. That means it won’t be easy to communicate right now but the resistance may be an impetus.

The analog is Red 11 Moon which I spoke of above; feelings that dissolve the wall around your heart due to fear. Those need to flow.

The Guide Power this morning is itself; White 11 Spectral Dog

The antipode this afternoon is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun; releasing enlightenment; Christ consciousness. One of my favorite sayings in the Spiritual Movement is “Love at all Times.” When you don’t know what to do or there has been conflict or wrongdoing, or a fight with a friend or family, the remedy is to love. So, if the other person who was wrong has a conscience, they know they probably need to apologize for something or they’ve already taken some action to mend it. Then you need to, have to, accept it from them to further love. Let it go. Forgive them. You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect. I have a temper when a friend says they love me and then all of a sudden I’m dissed. Ah, No. Then you have to speak up and say how you feel.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 3 Electric Monkey; Tone 3 is bonding and activates the energy. In this case it’s play, illusion, magic, and creativity so this counters the mercury retrograde with communicative energy. All good.

The 5GForce is White 3 Electric Dog which is J.C’s birth gateway so overarching the whole day from Fifth Density is Christ Himself. Whoever you need to mend fences with, whoever you love, try to heal it and ask for help from Christ. It’s a drag to go around feeling heartbroken and there are way too many reason these days to feel heartbroken. The freaking list is endless with the B.S. going on in our world. The only thing we have control over are our own relationships so that’s where your focus needs to be, and not so much on politics or outside events.

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