Monday Reading; Coming Clean Emotionally. Just Say It.

Red 10 Planetary Moon, White Dog, Red Earth, Blue Storm and Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human

The mediating planet is Mercury which just went retrograde so there is some miscommunication here. We’re also in a new Harmonic; #13; The Well. In order to go down and get the water you’re going to have to go deeper.

I Perfect in order to Purify.

Producing Flow I seal the Process of Universal Water with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.

I am guided by the power of Navigation.

We’re in Tone 10; Planetary manifestation, with this line-up so action will be taken, words will be said, and true feelings will come forth. Humans like to be heard when it comes to how we FEEL. As far as what we think, everyone is different on needing to share their opinion. Many people withhold their opinion knowing that mostly, it will just get them in hot water depending on who the group is that’s listening. No one’s opinion ever changed anyone’s mind although a couple people or one person might go, “Huh” and ponder what you say. People are VERY attached to the way they think because it represents a HOMEOSTASIS in their body or a HABIT that they are comfortable with, even if it’s completely unreasonable or full of error. Human beings are irrational and I honestly think it’s part of how we’ve evolved thus far.

But this archetype is about emotions, flowing and purifying universal water which are feelings. Doing so helps you REMEMBER YOURSELF, who you are as a soul, what you came here for, where you’ve been and where you wish to go. It’s vital NOW that everyone on the planet WAKE UP to their self-remembering and that happens by saying and acknowledging how you really feel. Don’t copy others, don’t obey custom, don’t obey your parents. Listen to your INNER SELF. If you don’t do it you’ll get sick or go crazy. There ya have it.

The analog is White 10 Planetary Dog; Earth Love and Loyalty. That doesn’t mean you are bonded to the person you’re communicating with. It does probably mean you are friends even if you’re not getting along. No two people get along all the time but in friendship, it’s important to let your friend see who you really are, warts and all, and show them you are LOYAL to YOURSELF and your own ways so that they know you will be loyal to them by letting them be who they are without getting in their way. When you get in someone’s way the love stops. There is no control. Our society teaches the opposite and it’s incorrect.

People get this wrong a lot and get co-dependent or selfish in addiction. That’s when things blow up. Everyone is different. You can’t change yourself FOR SOMEONE ELSE without destroying the relationship. You both have to love and be loyal to yourselves and see if your true personalities jive with plenty of wiggle room. We can’t control other people without creating chaos. FREEDOM is part of LOVE. Loyalty is about telling the truth more than anything. Most human beings are polyamorous because they don’t sit still in themselves so they run about sucking energy from others. I don’t do that…ever but I’m not normal.

The Guide Power this morning was Red 10 Planetary Earth or specking out the clues and discussing details to try to put the puzzle together, especially if you let issues lie for too long and didn’t find the right time to talk about it. The difference between men and women here is men track clues on women through sex and women track clues about men by talking, even though we each NEED the opposite as a foundation. Talking is easy for women, sex is complicated. Sex is easy for men, talking is complicated. In order TO LEARN and figure out the puzzle, men need to talk and women need sex but society treats us like it’s the opposite. THIS IS EARTH NAVIGATION and humans do it through their bodies.

The Antipode this afternoon which we are currently in, is Blue 10 Planetary Storm. As I said above, we are self-remembering and catalyzing our soul lessons through our dialog with others. That doesn’t mean it’s all peachy. Just as in a storm, there is TENSION. Our DNA IS TENSION. The double helix oppose one another and go in opposite directions; like a Mirror. This is creative and stimulates the light body and is an activator for ascension.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human; Tone 4 is all over the Tzolkin divided, multiplied and spun in circles. 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 all divisible by 2 (dualism) creates TIME in SPACE. Time alone is 13:20. The answer to our ascension is Tone 4 and specifically Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm. That’s what we’re going through right now. We’ve got to learn that unconditional love only comes through people that love their HIGHER selves, not the lower self. This is spiritualization.

The 5GForce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey or Arginine. Time is Art. The Blue Monkey is the artist and the poet who needs to be alone to get their work done. Walt Whitman was this line-up.

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