Sunday Reading; Yellow 9 Star Leucine; Evolving Beauty, Art and Elegance in Our Bodies

Artist; Chihuly

We land on Yellow 9 Star or Amino Acid 9Leucine Today and the vibe is luscious and good.

The analog is Blue 9 Solar Monkey or play, illusion and magic afoot. Artists are co-creators of a higher life and don’t objectify things or people outside of themselves and covet them in order to define their hollow souls as much as sink themselves INTO THEM passionately and then render art from their own soul. It’s a merging if you will whether it’s visual art, music, dance or otherwise.

The Guide Power this morning is Yellow 9 Solar Seed or the amino acid 9Valine. Seed kin are super aware of the earth and their bodies and are generally one with it unless they are terribly clever and wrapped in ego. There always seems to be some tension in the Yellow Seed kin I know between submitting to their flowering into the Higher Self or being grounded in the ID or ego from childhood. We all have an ego and need one for safety on the Earth but it’s best to spend most of your time outside of the ID.

The Antipode this afternoon is White 9 Solar Mirror or amino acid 9Tyrosine. This is a solar mirror; reflection, refraction, dualism, the sword that cuts both ways. In all art there is an antagonist and protagonist; someone who is making trouble or being antagonizing OR someone who is helping or at least is neutral. It’s easy to see it in theatre, movies, visual media wherever humans are on stage but it is in nature as well; predator and prey, hot and cold, the list is endless.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight is Red 5 Radiant Skywalker or amino acid 5Glutamine. I wish. Muscle definition is beautiful and glutamine and leucine are in charge of the muscles in the body. My personal trainer is Yellow Seed and I am Red SW, both in this themeplex. There is vanity which is easy to run when there is BEAUTY. It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder though. As the song says, “I am a fool for beauty”. There’s nothing beautiful about foolishness and I catch myself all the time chasing visual beauty just to have a respite from the ugliness of error. I hope this oppression ends soon. It’s very hard on all of us.

The 5GForce is Yellow 5 Radiant Human. There we go. I was just reading an article on the obsession with Rebel Wilson simply because she’s lost weight. It’s happening to me now. I’m really thinning down and two of my female patients look at me derisively, furrowing their brow, jealous as all heck and said, “You’re really getting small”. I’m actually not small yet. I have at least 30#’s in the front of me to drop. Neither one of them re-scheduled yet giving lame excuses and they both need the treatment. I’m going to lose female patients because I’m thriving and happy as a single woman and they are both very unhappy married women not taking care of themselves.

The Human Body as Art…to some people; intelligent, creative people.

A radiant human being doesn’t get jealous over someone else getting healthier and more beautiful! Just the opposite. They should be genuinely happy for you but most are not. A radiant human being doesn’t treat someone differently just because they change their body or their look to what they would prefer. We live on a zombie, mentally programmed planet that programs people by staring at media, to believe that the way you look is the truth about who you are and sets your VALUE. It lacks complete spirit awareness and intuition. I don’t make the rules of society but it’s not at all easy to escape them into true beauty that comes from the soul. Time is Art and artists can help escape the chaos.

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