Saturday Reading; Blue 8 Galactic Hand. Mercury Goes Retrograde Through the Rest of Sun in Aquarius.

The Planet MERCURY. The mediating planet today is Earth.

Red Moon- White Dog is Methionine and Aspartic Acid. Since Methionine is THE start codon, events should be a little quiet humanly speaking to February 20. Maybe it means a blizzard freeze up too. Those are always fun.🥶🙈💨🌨❄.

Keep in mind that the Tzolkin is ONE with the earth. First the Sun emits the DNA alignment into the earth and then it hits our bodies. The weather is one way it aligns us. There are many levels of vibration as impetus to gene expression or mutating RNA.

Amino Acid Protein Isoleucine

Today is Blue 8 Galactic Hand which is 8 Isoleucine. The vibration of the number 8 is baked into earth, solar and universal order since our planet is dualistic and very divisible by 2 including our bodies; 2 eyes; ears, arms, legs, feet, brains and and more. It’s our DNA.

I Harmonize in order to Know.

Modeling Healing I seal the Store of Accomplishment with the Galactic tone of Integrity.

I am guided by the power of Magic.

The Tzolkin#47

The Analog is Yellow 8 Human or 8Isoleucine; a person with high integrity, balanced in personality, influential and wise.

The Guide Power this morning is Blue 8 Galactic Monkey or 8 Asparagine; an artist, spontaneous and innocent, transparent and communicative.

The Antipode Challenge this afternoon is Red 8 Galactic Earth or 8Phenylalanine; modeling evolution and integrity.

The Hidden Wisdom this evening is White 6 Rhythmic Wizard or 6Lysine. We’re balancing equality in order to be receptive to movement. Psychic, heart-knowing, concerned with spirituality.

The 5GForce is Red 6 Rhythmic Skywalker of 6Glutamine. This stimulates change and movement of which I spoke above; especially for people that are a bit stuck in their ways or habitual.

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