Sat. Night-Hitting the Jackpot, and not in a MI Casino.

There is already amazing synchronicity with the same A.A. showing up with delineated nucleotides and tones adding up in a distinct pattern.

Also remarkable are specific hx’s being Met, Asp, Asn and Glu which is harmonic family 33!! Red Moon, White Dog, Blue Monkey and Yellow Human.

The code is creating node points on the mystic column of the Tzolkin saying, “Now pass through gate 33 before you proceed with your spiraling: evolution.”

I’ve only analyzed 12 hexagrams and it’s done that 3 times.

The IChing and the Tzolkin are definitely talking to one another, Mercury retrograde or not. The Met codon is mediated by Mercury also; Red Moon.

Last synchronicity; today ia my 22 yr old son’s birthday. We put 11:11 (22), 4 candles on his cake. I feel like he was my first baby and this is my second, also born today.

He’s 6 foot tall and built like a Viking. Loaded in occupational testing with MUSIC and ART.

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