Realizations This Afternoon Looking at the Binary Triplet Configuration Table

  1. Protein folding for all sentient life is directly coordinated, not controlled through THE SUNSPOT cycles which are 11.3 years each. That comes to 4136 day of which 1/16 is 260 or The Tzolkin. Our Sun Codes the Tzolkin Harmonic via the Van Alan Belts.
  2. Thus the Source of The Tzolkin Genetic Code is The Sun. What is the Source of the Sun? Galactic Center or Hunab Ku.
  3. The Chinese I Ching Hexagram Nucleotide designations match with the Tzolkin Harmonics exactly.
  4. DNA is a rigid, set pattern in the nucleus of each of our cells but gene expression mutates. We are in charge of our gene expression via our environment, thoughts and feelings. That’s what happens with the RNA, and the Tzolkin illuminates that movement. DNA doesn’t move with the sun cycles; the RNA does. (And they used to call RNA Junk DNA!! The scientists are often wrong because the system is so corrupt). Then the RNA may go into the nucleus of the DNA cell.
  5. The Square of 8 composed of the ancient I Ching Hx’s run on 32/64 just like our computers. Franklin figured out the order of the 64 Hx’s and when they are added up horizontally the sum is 260!!!. 260 is ultimately the number of THE SUN and is divisible by quite a few numbers.

This is directly what Jose said in Earth Ascending.

  1. Each strand of DNA processes information in the direction opposite the other which creates the spiral.
  2. TIME is created because one strand moves from the future to the present and the other moves from the past to the present.
  3. The AC or Aboriginal Continuity is Future to Present. It’s the flow of the current vision, intuition, and dreams, like the Aborigine Dreamtime.
  4. The CA or Civilizational Advance which is Past to Present. It is information as it is manifested and codified into symbols, written forms, material structures, books and libraries, etc.
  5. If it was a line < Past————————- Present—————————–Future-> Now turn it into a spiral because it sure as heaven isn’t linear. Because Time is DNA it’s Spirals in the double helix.

As I figure all of this out I cannot believe he never actually said, in three words, “DNA IS TIME” which is what I’m now saying. It’s absolutely amazing. Well, it’s because I’ve been obsessed with genetics and ancestry my whole life and working on the body. Jose was an artist so to him, Time is Art. To me, Time is DNA. For the whole planet, Time is DNA. That means Time is YOU, your body, your LIFE, whatever you want it to be. My whole career has been about establishing and empowering people in their body to create their lives as they see fit. It’s your BIRTHRIGHT!

Jose inferred it on every page of his book. The thing everyone remembers him saying is “Time is ART”. Those were Jose’s three words. 3D clenchers and materialists say and still believe “Time is Money”. That is crashing now. There is no energy in the Universe to support it because it isn’t real. Money is the root of all evil. Evil is just ERROR. Money is the foundation of ALL ERROR. Man is that ever true. Remember, if you make a mistake you are forgiven. Just don’t do it again! Learn your lesson and move on. No guilt.

If you want to be CORRECT in your assessment of things, in reality, leave the issue of money out of the conversation. The reason I’m not taken seriously is that millions upon millions of people would disagree with me saying that. They think money is everything; power, freedom, self-esteem, success and more. God are they wrong with a capital W. That is a HUGE error and has created tremendous suffering on this planet. ESPECIALLY for children.

True power is in Your MIND and BODY used for your own reasons IN TIME.

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