Thursday Reading; Balancing Equality Means Survival

We enter a new I Ching Harmonic today; #26; The taming power of the Great/Potent Energy. The nucleotide that MOVES the 4 amino acid themeplexes in this harmonic is ACG-Cysteine. There is no cysteine molecule in here at all but Cysteine or Red Dragon birthed Red Serpent so that aligns with Red Serpent as do the attributes. This is the last day of moving DNA in the N. Polar zone on Earth. Our DNA is ONE WITH the Planet and this is directly outlined in “Earth Ascending” by Jose Arguelles.

The issue of TENSION and balance between culture groups is somewhat of an issue right now only because the media runs with it. Divide and conquer. That method of creating survival tension in society will wane soon because human nature is to cooperate and create once we hit a certain threshold of higher mind in the group. We are reaching a tipping point worldwide. The attributes of Red Serpent have gene expression through the amino acid SERINE.

Once that point tips we’ll have more disclosure. We already have quite a bit. You may want to check out the Wilcock video I posted last night. He talks about it. Some humans have been working with a stellar species for 50 years! They’re just people. It’s no big deal to them.

The analog today is White 6 Rhythmic Wizard; the receptive shaman and timelessness. These attributes have gene expression through the amino acid LYSINE.

The Guide Power this morning is itself. Survival instinct, passionate, intimate and sensual, aligned with Scorpio and mediated by Maldek. Genetic expression comes through he amino acid SERINE.

The antipode this afternoon is Blue 6 Rhythmic Eagle; independent vision, creative, compassionate, believes in self, dreamer. Eagle goes well with the Sun in Aquarius which continues through to February 20. These attributes have gene expression through the amino acid ARGININE.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior; questioning, fearlessness and intelligence, trustworthy and wise. These attributes have gene expression through the amino acid HISTIDINE.

If you watched the video I posted from Dr. Bruce Lipton on here you’ll understand what I mean when I say “gene expression”. Our DNA is fixed in the nucleus of each of our cells but the way in which the gene is expressed evolves and changes when affected by our environment and our own thoughts and feelings. That is the biology of belief. Our biology changes as our MINDSET changes but our genes don’t change. Gene Expression morphs and that is moved through the different types of RNA or ribonucleic acid.

I believe the tRNA is specific to what the Tzolkin addresses in the themeplexes.

There is also mRNA, messenger RNA, rRNA, ribosomal RNA, and srRNA, small regulatory RNA which is a generic name for small RNA molecules that act directly as regulators of gene expression. Most srRNAs act by specifically targeting messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules through incomplete base pairing, leading to mRNA degradation and/or suppression of translation.

Everyone has a right to any of those. We have to dream before we act. We need a detailed vision before we act. Once you join them, change happens. Everyone does this in their own time so don’t be goaded by the ambitious who think they know what’s best!

This is a bit like psychological denial or shock due to trauma to the sensitive human CNS or Central Nervous System. Our bodies have an INNATE, INSTINCTUAL (Red Serpent) homeostasis mechanism that is unique to each of us, I think it’s based on unconscious ancestral memory that will filter out or SUPPRESS certain experiences and memories to PROTECT US! It’s interesting to ponder how much our bodies are DEDICATED to our survival and thriving. We are on automatic pilot and have big resistance from our bodies to self-destruct. There must be something deeply out of alignment in a person’s soul to want to commit suicide. Probably an inability to adjust to the energy of this planet which is very far out of alignment with the Local Universe. So be it. It is very rough here; not for the faint of heart. I’m here to help bring alignment.

The 5GForce is Blue 8 Galactic Eagle; Tone 8 models integrity and holds a vision of a paradigm they are exploring. Many people on earth are just observing. They aren’t ready to try to manifest a co-creation with Source. They haven’t figured out how it works here yet so there is no judgment of others who are not racing forward. But there are 5th density beings who stand at the ready to support humans ready to make a go.

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