Med Beds are Here from Stellar Species

This is an example of tech left here for us that has been disclosed. These beds will be used for many people but specifically for the children who are still alive but were tortured and abused underground by the D.S. While it’s true that we can heal ourselves and change the expression of our genes, these beds will help speed the process along for extreme cases.

I was meditating this morning and had very strong empathy and a vision of these children and their experience finally being brought into the open to the public. It’s going to be very rough for many people’s psyches to remember their own trauma in the their families and in the churches. My heart goes out to humanity for what we’ve been through and truly hope we can all turn things around and have a good, peaceful life. Sexual abuse happens to men and to women also. We have some years ahead coming to terms with this in the Human Family.

There is synchronicity here with Red Serpent and antipode Blue Eagle which we just entered 30 minutes ago.

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