Monday Reading; White 3 Electric Wind Glycine. The Timeline is Like a See Saw

I activate in order to Communicate. Bonding Breath I seal the input of Spirit with the Electric tone of Service.

I am guided by the power of Death.

The Tzolkin, Kin#42

Today we are sitting right on the see saw going back and forth. Tone 3 is like that. Instead of polarizing like Tone 2, there is another point that sits IN THE CENTER to balance things. It’s neutral. Think of an electrical current; anode and cathode, positive and negative charge. In fact, that is exactly what goes on IN OUR CELLS, in every cell of our body. WE are the current that electrifies situations. Electricity SERVES LIFE and many tone 3 people are in service to others on the planet. The Source of Electromagnetism is THE SUN.

The pattern is illuminated in The Tzolkin with regard to how the double helix spins and I’m working on it right now. I made a huge discovery just this morning and at the end of today I may have some new information for you.

The thing is, here on 1/25/2021 we can FEEL it in the Matrix, manifested in 3D. Only now we know we are not JUST in 3D, or 3D clenching. We are in ALL dimensions at the same time and can hack the energy through our higher selves which is ONE with our manifested body.

I have to say, this Plandemic, Virus, Great Reset, Election fraud, Deep State Corruption, Monetary switch over is MUCH, MUCH bigger than I imagined back in March 2020 when they started up with the mask business and tried to shut down all small business. It’s so odd to think back to November 2019 when that virus opened my pineal gland and I knew that I was being prepped to be of more service in more ways than I imagined. Nobody knew it existed then but I knew something major was up. There was a tremendous amount of Spirit channeling while I was sick and I remember all of it.

We get so consumed with life’s details to survive on this wayward planet. It’s gratifying to know that 99% of people can get the virus, get up, ascend up, evolve up and don’t miss a beat. The others are too far behind spiritually, too mentally programmed by the Media psyop, and leave the planet. So be it. If you resist this big change right now your immune system will tank. Try to roll with it.

Holistic, Truther Spiritual people have NO SIDE to be on and I’m starting to really feel that way. I’m standing in the center since it’s our history. We are all of it! Notice the see saw in thinking. I want to sit in the center balance point. Maybe I’ll feel it tomorrow with Blue 4 Night.

The analog today while we slept was Red 3 Electric Earth, synchronicity navigation, evolution as I just mentioned above. Now that we’re on a tipping point on the see saw I can see that this energy today is trying to level us out with Red Earth. PLEASE PAY ATTENTIONS TO DETAILS AROUND YOU TODAY. Each individual contributes to the electromagnetic whole. Track your personal clues and listen to your body and intuition.

The Guide Power this morning is White 3 Electric World Bridger. This could be a rocket up or plummet down of our NERVOUS SYSTEM, the CNS in the body. The key word is CHANGE. Our CNS’s are changing. I feel kind of high and really good, very hungry, LOL, and I have to keep eating while I never stop working; either building muscle or burning up brain cells.

The Antipode this afternoon is Yellow 3 Electric Human. These are influential, wise people who know the value of Free-Will. They are patriots in a true sense of the word. They hold the Chalice, the Holy Grail, a vessel of Higher Power. They are responsible and straight forward and a hard worker. Top notch military are in charge of our government in D.C. and they are a challenge and a gift. Trump is still the President legally and in spirit and is stationed in Texas and Florida.

The Hidden Wisdom is rough; Blue 11 Spectral STORM. We are in the Eye of The Storm as Sacha Stone said; literally and figuratively.

The 5GForce is White 11 Spectral Mirror, also rough. We are having to each look at and feel out who we are, our values, whether we really believe what our families taught us, whether we really believe what EITHER political party is saying and doing, who to believe and which way to go. It feels like humanity has been manipulated and used ever since we stood up on two legs. I’m sick of it. Add the component in there of being a woman and preyed on by men at every turn and I’m feeling it today-straight up.

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