Sunday Reading; Balancing our Blood Memory with Our Evolution

I polarize in order to Nurture.

Stabilizing Being I seal the input of Birth with the Polar tone of Challenge.

I am guided by the power of Space.

The Tzolkin #41
Energetic and Supportive, sensitive and private; mammals like the womb.

Today’s Theme is Red 2 Polar Dragon; the primordial mother. This is the amino acid Cysteine.

There is such a thing as being too emotionally involved with one’s mother. It’s something we each have to balance for ourselves to our own comfort level.

It’s natural to polarize or split off in order to find your own balance, at least in the American culture. Your mother’s DNA is found in the tRNA sequence in the Tzolkin Hidden Wisdom. For instance today it’s Yellow 12 Crystal Sun or Universal enlightenment. This is the Stop Codon. In my opinion, that enlightenment is that our birth family or blood ties are not the highest consciousness of a family. They are just personalized for temporary lessons on earth. In no way are we bound by them in our destiny. That said, we can’t ignore them and they will keep coming up until we learn the lesson. That is the purpose of the analog today; White 2 Polar Mirror or Tyrosine. We need to reflect on our soul whose birth comes from SOURCE, not from our parents. Our body comes from our parents and then joins with our Soul but our earth parents did not birth our disembodied soul.

We also live in a vast Universe and share DNA with other stellar species. That awareness and movement is in the Guide Power; Red 2 Polar Skywalker or Glutamine. There are many adventures to be had out there and we are free to roam. Again, it’s natural and no parent should stand in the way.

The Antipode is Blue 2 Monkey; Asparagine; play, illusion, and magic. Is innocence real anymore? Is there any transparency? Children tend to say things directly without a social filter.

By Paige Bradley

The 5GForce is Blue 12 Crystal Storm or Universal Self-Generation; Tryptophan. That catalyzes energy for the collective. It continues to be ironic to me that while we are all connected and much the same, truly, we are absolutely individual with very different experiences and perceptions. Humanity needs to get to a point where we don’t need to label and control people just because we don’t understand them completely. Just sit in the mystery!

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