January 20, 2021. It was Red Spectral 11 Earth leading to Blue 13 Cosmic Storm. Simon Parkes is on this.

Click here for Sacha Stone’s video;


Sacha titled this “Eye of the Storm” in total synchronicity with the Tzolkin Matrix.

This video had 15,000 views at the end. Just for the record, Simon Parkes regularly gets 400,000 views and has been maligned by many on Twitter and WeLoveTrump.com. I totally disagree with it.

Notice Lady Gaga dressed in Luciferian colors black and red basically making a mockery of the dove of peace set on black. She’s a core Mason.

Kamala is illegally sworn in which should be by a sitting Justice.

As I watch this, I relate to Sacha so much in his outspoken cynicism.

Simon’s comments are great. He said he personally had the heads up 4 weeks before and knew this had to play out in order to get OUR way in the end. Biden represents Totalitarian control. IT WILL NOT STAND.

Trump did not have the back-up ready to fill Congress because 75% of the Congress has a criminal file and a sealed indictment! They are the swamp. We can’t lose continuity in the U.S. Government.

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