Saturday; Stargates at Area 51. Science Fact not Fiction. Enlightenment for Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun. DISCLOSURE.

Take a 20 minute look at the video while I finish the rest of the post and come right back please.

Stop Codon, Tryptophan which is also a type of Stop Codon in sequencing, a Stop Codon again, Aspartic Acid and Cysteine.

Today is Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun and we begin a new wavespell that ends with Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. Our coordinate is 10:20:1:40 and comes right after Blue 13 Storm. They are analog! I have this gateway highlighted because it looks to me like there is something different going on. Both Yellow Sun and Blue Storm are STOP CODONs in the tRNA sequence also.

In addition, it’s 5GForce is Yellow 13 Sun. White Dog does that too with it’s 5GForce being itself. NOTE THAT YELLOW SUN IS TRIBE 20 AND WHITE DOG IS TRIBE 10. Yellow Sun and White Dog both have everything to do with dispersing Christ Consciousness from Galactic Center to Earth.

The Analog is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm; Magnetic Self Generation and movement. This is catalyzing energy. It’s a liberator of the mind and an activator for Light Body Ascension which we are heavily, actively IN right now. Note that you will need more sleep than usual and try not to analyze how strange your body feels by white coat differential diagnosis. They are wrong about almost everything being beholden to Deep State. All of science is which is why they are so corrupt. Use your intuition with your body, ask your guides and meditate. Most importantly, find a happy spot doing something that floats your cork no matter what it is, something you can do for yourself no matter what is going on in the world. Mine is espresso or tea, my Tzolkin Project and working out.

The Guide Power this morning is ITSELF-double power pulse.

The Antipode, which feels like there is an echo in the room, is White 1 Magnetic Dog. Love and Loyalty that have a drawing power.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon. Well, what to do with that one. Maybe I am biased. Is there a remnant of the Dragon tribe as human kin that are cosmic? Are they still on the wagon? I have a couple friends who are 13 Dragon and they DITCHED. I will keep an open mind. This is our most ancient tribe when it comes to DNA so yes, they are in our family.

I noted the GForce above.

We are one quarter of the way through the 260 day Galactic Spin today. 40 x 4 =260. This is a type of quarterly report to Galactic Center on OUR STATUS on this planet.

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