6PM on a Friday. I better Stop Working.

Complicated Crossover Polarity
The Table of 8 is Composed of IChing Hx that horizontally adds to 260 which is one Galactic spin of our DNA. Meaning?

In the last paragraph, Jose explains and confirms what Dr. Chavez did with the amino acids corresponding to the 20 tribes of time. That’s a big deal and affirms my work.

In addition, Jose is kin #11, I am kin#13, and the person in between us is kin#12; Yellow 12 Human. That is who will help us by being the communal (tone 12) bridge between Jose’s incredibly complicated book “Earth Ascending” and my interpretation of it for Science.

Corey Goode is Yellow Human and is interested in my work. I have to make it more understandable though. Not there yet.

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