Thursday Reading; The Evolution of Amino Acid Tyrosine in Human DNA

I Dedicate in order to Reflect

Universalizing Order I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.

I am guided by he power of Heart.

The Tzolkin #38

Look at the date today; 1-21-21. The kin # adds up to 11. The coordinate is 10:18:12:38. That comes to 1:9:3:11. That’s comes to 24 or 12 x 2. Today is Tone 12 so it’s a type of double pulse in TIME. That shows me the choice between TIMELINES which I talk about below. Does most of the human population on the planet want freedom and self-determination or do most of them was to be controlled like little children by their BIG PARENT the government?

Attributes of White 12 Crystal Mirror are Universalizing Reflection, Order, and Endlessness. Pure. Faces the Shadow (we have plenty of that now to look at). I’m sorry but I’m not cooperating with anybody or anything today. We’ll see what synchronicities pop up for me because of my vibe. I am very stubborn and my Spirit Helpers know it.

The Analog is Red 12 Crystal Dragon; BLOOD memory. The Dragon Tribe founded in China is now welcome to eat this country for breakfast and Biden would love to open the door to the Draco and let them back in. It remains to be seen whether that will happen. They are banned.

The Guide Power is White 12 Crystal Dog. Not feeling that right now, AT ALL. Are you? However, we are under the I Ching Hx of Waiting and Nourishment. What is the nourishment? It feels like the opposite! Starvation, emptiness and abject evil. ??? Nothing makes sense. The only thing I can think of is THIS THING IS SO BIG, bringing down the Cabal, that it has to be executed at the EXACT right moment. Kind of like the scene in Star Wars where the Jedi had to hit the bulls eye into the center of the Death Star to blow it up.

Unless we are destined for WWIII started by China and the Middle East which is what Nostradamus predicted. It seems like we have a choice of two different timelines right now. He’s not called China Joe for no reason. He’s their baby and their “in” to destroy America as the hand of the CCP (Communist Chinese Party). In addition, he is Tone 2, polarizing and challenging.

The Antipode is Yellow 12 Crystal Star. That’s a bit heartening although it’s the CHALLENGE today; to sit in self-created beauty and art. There will be no more communal beauty and art allowed in America, the Constitution destroyed by the Left, and I’m pretty sure the face diaper will be super-glued to everyone’s face as it is for the Chinese until they die. I’ve never worn one and never will. Sweden is looking very good right now.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 2 Night, also the 5GForce for Red 12 Crystal Earth. This is challenging and polarizing intuition, mysterious, conservative, introspective and deep, STRENGTH TO ENDURE and POSSIBILITY. There’s some good news.

The 5GForce is White 2 polarizing Wind. The communication today will be squared off DEEPLY into two camps. Either you are a patriot freedom fighter or you are a traitor to The Republic Rebel Alliance or Earth Alliance and a willing slave to the Human Empire.

None of this is making any sense except, because of the DEATH THREATS on the POTUS and Melania, they had to get them out of D.C. They need a break. That family has been through absolute hell, undeserved, foisted on them my MSM and the Left. Karma.

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