My Intuitive Radar Bells are Going Off.

Today is Blue 9 Eagle, antipode Red 9 Serpent all day. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights are in play.

We are under Hidden Wisdom White 5 World Bridger until midnight. It’s death, change, radiant opportunity to save our Republic and change our democracy by RETURNING IT TO LAW AND ORDER.

There was a credible and very real attempt to kill the President last night. His words were, “That’s it”.

Also, my last post about today’s death of Rothschild ruler of the Deep State discovered by Disclosure proponent in our movement, David Wilcock is completely synchronistic. David IS THE GUIDE POWER TOMORROW, YELLOW 10 Planetary Seed. His tip off to us about that death confirms the destiny pattern.

I think arrests will commence. The war will begin. #1 I can feel it. #2, it will be Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior supported by Blue 10 Planetary Night. There are no two ways about it, that is a planetary war at night…tonight.

I don’t see a violent war but a spiritual and political one. They have all the documents so they’re ready to round people up. Then there will be military tribunals. You won’t see any of it in Main stream Media MSM.

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