Sunday; White 8 Galactic Wizard Lysine

I Harmonize in order to Enchant.

Modeling Receptivity I seal the Output of Timelessness with the Galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of Endlessness.

The Tzolkin #34

These are all Wizard (Magician/Jaguar) kin. My son’s father is in the bottom left corner on double bass. He was White 4 Self-Existing Wizard and left his body on my gateway (Red 13 Skywalker) in 2015. My son (Red 12 Crystal Earth) was 16 and lives with me now. He is also a musician.

Lysine, Serine, Tyrosine, Valine, and isoleucine are evolving.

White Wizard folks are generally from the PRIEST CLASS on Tiamat or Maldek. They were moderately respected, very anti-tech on a completely pro-tech planet whose MANIA for Artificial Intelligence was brought to Earth after the blow-up. My husband hated technology and was an autistic savant musician. He is considered a legend in Grand Rapids and was difficult to work and live with. Many artists and musicians are in tune with nature, receptive and shamanic with plants and animals. The Maya revered the Jaguar.

The analog is Red 8 Galactic Serpent; Modeling the integrity of Life-Force and Survival.

The Guide Power is White 8 Galactic Mirror. We are under that influence until Noon. This Morning we will be examining our situation from a galactic perspective more than an earth one. Uranus has turned direct and it’s time tunnel is no longer blocked so this may relate to a TRUE PROFESSION or work that suits you type of focus.

The antipode for this afternoon until dusk is Yellow 8 Galactic Seed; This is targeting an active dynamic that hones in on our spiritual truth. This applies directly to work again.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand this evening until midnight. You may be sprucing up your resume finding a way to communicate in an organized manner, all of your accomplishments. This should open up and manifest a new gateway for you.

The 5GForce is White 6 Rhythmic World Bridger. It’s time to pulse a LETTING GO of the past as far as work is concerned and even relationships. A BIG pulse of CHANGE is coming in our faces. Be ready with what you want to manifest. Get your intentions straight. Who do you trust? Are you going to learn the spiritual way or try to continue to be materialistic?

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