Jan. 20-22, 2021

“There will BE an important Timeline Node from January 20th to 22nd that will to a Significant Degree influence the Future Course of Events on the surface of this planet.”

“During that time… it is very Important to Anchor as much LIGHT as possible.”

Victory of the LIGHT!

~ 💜 ~Pars Kutay

This strikes me as correct. This is Red 11 Spectral Earth, White Crystal 12 Mirror, and BLUE COSMIC 13 STORM.

This is crossover time. People either choose to cross over into the new 4th and 5th density bridge or die with the Old World. This is no longer politics. This is Spiritual.

Chaotic, dissolving synchronicity of the Luciferian Dreamspell Blood cult that stole time, treasure, and truth from humanity after Tiamat blowup or…

FULL EMPOWERMENT AS A DESTINY KIN, ACTIVATED MULTIDIMENSIONAL DNA, FOLLOWING THE TZOLKIN, THE MAYAN 13 MOONS, ask and you will receive, alignment with the new solar codes that can come from your Higher Self via the Sun so you can HEAL YOURSELF. You Love your body and time on earth, are doing breathwork and meditation, eating well, working out and are far past “fear of missing out” FOMO.

You’re not following you’re leading your own life.

Here’s where my focus lies. I just finished this table. Now I have to analyze the patterns of the 64 hexagram IChing with the movement of each Tzolkin themeplex. Both are DNA movement. One is 3D, the other is multidimensional. I already see the patterns. I just have to explain it to the brightest entities in our local sector who may understand. I’m pretty sure it’s beyond most humans but we’ll see.

I’ve been working just a bit…in addition to patients, and being censored.

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