Thursday Reading; Blue 5 Radiant Monkey is Asparagine Mediated by Venus

Uranus goes direct from here on out ending its retrograde motion. It rules Aquarius and mediates Red Earth-White Wind. Big synchronicity. It is in Taurus right now. There is liberation afoot for security, money, land, resources all due to underground tech that Trump will bring forward.

This means the Age of Aquarius is now squarely seeded and ready to roll big time which we can see playing out in these events. Uranus stimulates rebellion, innovation, fair-mindedness which is not defined by what humans demand or say but by their own actions and thus karma, and independence. These are all aspects of America and what our ancestors seeded here. The collective is very much center stage.

The theme while we slept was Yellow 5 Overtone Star-Blue 5 Monkey fortunately, which knocked me out. We all need to be rested for what’s coming. My group has been warned of the plan for months now. Disclosure is upon us and our society is going to change rapidly for the best. Keep an open mind and remain calm. The bigger they are the harder they fall as far as our Government. There are big opportunities coming and nothing to whine about. Just listen, observe and receive.

The Guide Power is Blue 5 Radiant Storm so this is full of beautiful self-generation for those that want to take care of themselves, meditate and know their power. We are in that vibe right now until noon.

The antipode highlighted in the image above is Red 5 Radiant Dragon. Overall, the human genetic experiment that was seeded here through the primordial mother and blood is exciting for our stellar entity ancestors. They are excited to meet many of us soon and they are just people!! They look quite different than us but not totally! There is a life pattern of a head, 2 eyes, arms, legs, ears and so on. They have families. They answer to our Creator as well. He appeared to them as they appear, on their planet just like he did here. I was given that info. and more in 1988 when I lived on Chicago so I’ve been working with disclosure info. for 32 years that is JUST NOW open to the public. It would be two years later when Jose released the Dreamspell and I would start working with the Tzolkin. It’s why I’m on the planet. To show that our DNA is SHARED with all other stellar species and of course humans and all life on earth. I’ve worked with Stellar species in other lifetimes so I’m non-plussed by them. It’s just more diverse personalities to deal with and we still need boundaries! I came to Earth to have a human experience and a family after working with Universal organizations quite a bit.

The two left wheels are 20:13. The part of the circle on the right is the 365 day solar year.

We are known to stellar species as “The World of the Cross”. What was done to J.C. here at his death could not even be looked at by Satan. He looked away. The Romans with the blessing of the Jews go down in history for this crime. Judeo-Christian through the Vatican are the Time Thieves. The Gregorian calendar needs to go in the garbage. We are part of a vast Universe and our earth rotation around our Sun of 365 days sprockets perfectly with the 260 day galactic spin of the Tzolkin. That’s another reason I’m on the planet. We need to join the universal stream now as far as time and the Cosmic Web.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 9 Solar Dog. Solar love and loyalty will be imparted to us this evening as our sun continues to go through epic cycles.

The 5Gforce is Red 9 Solar Moon. Our emotions will achieve some balance by these new Sun cycles.

Have a great day. Keep the T.V. off and start envisioning what kind of changes you’d like to see for your own life and lifestyle. Dream big, not small.

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