Wednesday; White 4 Self-Existing Dog; Aspartic Acid Evolution

“I Define in order to Love.

Measuring Loyalty I seal the process of Heart with the Self-Existing tone of Form.

I am guided by the power of Death.”

Tzolkin #30

Aspartic acid helps every cell in the body work. It plays a role in hormone production and release and normal nervous system function.

The analog today is Red 4 Moon or Methionine. People are settling in to how they feel about what is happening and their minds are changing. They are seeing through the lies and manipulation from the Left and having no clue about what Trump is doing. He’s laying low and letting the Operation play out.

The Guide Power in play for another hour is White 4 World-Bridger-Threonine, which I am seeing means that some are being killed. The really, really, serial, tetched human traffickers and torturers will not go to jail. They will get the death penalty. This proof will be shown the public when the dust settles. It’s horrific and not really something sensitive people on the Left can psychologically take but they’re going to have to. Humans need to stop feeling sorry for psychopaths and child abusers.

The Antipode is Yellow 4 Sun, a Stop Codon which is a Devotion that is seen in the DETAILS and EXECUTION of the Operation. That will be the vibe this afternoon until dusk.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 10 Planetary Monkey or MANIFESTATION and PERFECTION of COMMUNICATION. So, even though comms are down because of the D.S. the POSITIVE TRICKSTER energy is afoot helped by Secretary Mike Pompeo who is Blue Monkey. This is Amino Acid Arginine.

The 5GForce, Fifth Density is White 10 Planetary Dog.

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