Monday; HERE WE GO! This Emergency Situation is Pegged to Go Until the 24th. Yellow 2 Polar Star

I polarize in order to Beautify.

Stabilizing Art I seal the store of Elegance with the Polar tone of Challenge

I am guided by the power of Universal-Fire

The Tzolkin #28
Yellow 2 Polarizing Star; Stabilizing, expansion, way shower, clever, hopeful, inspiration, nervous, starred, intelligent.

The analog is Blue 2 Polarizing Monkey, someone who knows how to lighten the mood by cracking jokes, something very much needed right now in this situation. Mike Pompeo is Blue Monkey.

The Guide Power is Yellow 2 Polarizing Sun. Sun is Christ Consciousness and it feels to me like there are legion of Light Forces around the planet right now monitoring the situation and helping support when asked; especially military who are arresting human traffickers. Be sure and pray and meditate a lot today. The vibe is so strange, I’ve never felt anything like it. The human collective, to a great degree is still asleep which makes it dangerous. It won’t improve until Trump discloses underground tech and talks about how we can improve our lives on the surface that people will start trusting him a little bit. The Left are SO zombied out by MSM it’s like another country. No way it can stay like this. It won’t.

The antipode is White 2 polarizing Mirror. The key word here is PROJECTION right now. But Mirror is reflection, facing the SHADOW in yourself, discriminator, sword of wisdom, clarity. The shadow I’m facing in myself is the level of resentment I have for old friends and family who feel free to offload themselves on to me because they’re jealous and weak. I should X them out and not give them a stitch of emotion and I have. I’m learning.

You know who is doing the projection because their psychology is so shaky. They are very negative and confused and have been for awhile. Hopefully, when MSM is taken down the lies and negative energy will let go of the strangle hold on peoples brains. The T.V. is never on in my house. It’s extremely toxic. Do NOT WATCH T.V. PROGRAMMING.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 12 Crystal Skywalker, AWAKE, movement in space, courage, accomplished, knowledgeable and so forth. Think of the Jedi in Star Wars. Let’s hope our military have THE FORCE with them right now. LOL. Source is key here.

The 5GForce is Yellow 12 Crystal Human; the humans on the earth that cooperate, work in community and care about the community even though some are high on CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Facebook. That is their Source I’m sorry to say but when it’s gone, everything will change for the better. I’m still in no mood to forgive, I must be honest. It’s the FOLLOWERS, the ones who want to be accepted by society and have things controlled FOR the that have gotten us into this mess and I’ve got a thick, thick, thick wall up against humans that hate themselves and are willing to march lockstep with human oppression, abridging the Constitution. That is where we find ourselves. Be careful folks.


Ever vigilant with The Universe,

Lisa, Red 13 Skywalker

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