Friday; Cooperative Survival

The 12~2 Pulse; Cooperative and Polarizing

Tone 12 is Crystal and Dedicates our Intentions to Universal Aims beyond ego, if we’re not in shadow. Tone 12 considers the community, not just the Self.

In the I Ching this new harmonic is entitled “The Cauldron”. That sounds about right for what we are going through for the next 4 days, until Monday. Nothing today should be done in secret. There should be some PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of the truth so people have to face it. I keep hearing political rumbles of “saving face” and continuing to do things under the radar. Red Serpent certainly is that way and there are many Red Serpent players here but the days of secrecy need to end. Today is a good day to set a new tone on that score.

In our local system the Moon is in Scorpio today and many Red Serpent kin tend to be Scorpio. These are issues of power, truth and lies, secrecy and control. Mercury heads into Aquarius to be there until the 15th. This placement should help people’s minds to open and to want real information. Venus moves into Capricorn so we’re ready to put our shoulder to the wheel to try to solve these dilemmas and get grounded. It causes us to look for allies so this isn’t a day to try to change someone’s mind or “enlighten them”.

The analog is White 12 Crystal Wizard so there is impetus there to align with Divine Will not just the ego. This a heart knowing kin, receptive and spiritual.

The Guide Power is Red 12 Crystal Earth, dedicated to evolving synchronicity, tracking clues, collecting synergy, governing the earth force and shielding. There is secrecy in this guide.

The antipode is Blue 12 Crystal Eagle; cooperative vision. But Eagle is independent and exacting, a visionary that believes in Self so that can be a challenge to Tone 12.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Warrior or polarizing war. That’s correct. We are distinctly and even vehemently polarizing right now to get to the Truth. Some people like the delusion and many of us don’t.

The 5GForce is Blue 2 Polar Eagle polarizing Vision. That’s correct as well. All in all this is a TENSE line-up as we continue to move through these new energies with the Sun and our DNA totally shifting in a big way.

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