Email from Sacha Stone, just now

Sacha has spoken before about “hacking The Dreamspell” and I’m never sure what he’s getting at. The Tzolkin Matrix is being carefully demystified and deencrypted by me by analysing every last tidbit in Jose Arguelles ever convoluted and fascinating book “Earth Ascending”. I understand it and I’m applying all he teaches in there to The Tzolkin while simultaneously taking apart the Tzolkin bit by bit! It’s not a hack though. It’s systematic.

In this email he speaks of “The globalist Dreamspell conspiracy that is mainstream media and academia shackled to ‘socialist media’“. Well, they understand and know nothing about the Tzolkin. In fact, The Dreamspell was just the first attempt by Jose and his crew to hand this information to the masses and it hasn’t gotten very far at all because it’s too complicated. It’s too complicated for most people to decipher or to use daily even if they are intelligent.

It’s not too hard for me. I have a passion for it and have been breaking the code and looking at the patterns for thirty years. Thus, I am putting it in a new format for the SSP, open-minded physicists and molecular biologists to apply to the genetic code in our new paradigm. At this point it is epigenetic. I’m not done yet but I am working with Dr. Chavez and Corey Goode is interested. Both of these men are at the top of their field. No one from Law of Time has spoken to me at all, although I do have the blessing of Stephanie South in a reply on Word Press. I don’t believe the original Dreamspellers who followed my FB group are following me anymore. They are all Democrats and hate Trump. I support Trump simply because he supports DISCLOSURE, not because I consider him a perfect human being, which he is not. I don’t enamor any politician.

It’s difficult for practically anyone to understand my work when I talk about it and it’s a hurdle I still have to get over. However, I do have the ear of some very intelligent people simply because I AM on to something. DNA IS Time. That’s a long stretch for most people to ponder. But we’re in a illusory Matrix in different dimensions.

So what this really is displayed here are politicians under the programming of the Time Thieves which are Church and State. It’s all lies. The politicians have been sheep as well because of their greed and lust for power. I’m non-plussed by that. Swat them like flies. The ghost of Marx may be around but we are jumping timelines collectively right now so there are likely more as he shows in this picture.

We are also and most importantly supported by Jose Arguelles in spirit, the entire gestalt of healers throughout all time, the Holy Spirit, Christ Michael (Jesus) and many others who wish to see the DNA of CHRIST that IS TIME, not 3D, manifested IN the human species for eternity. That will bridge us to our Light Body and it’s already begun as of several months ago. My body is changing rapidly.

Earth is a genetic experiment planet, started by our Creator Christ Michael so HIS DNA could manifest in this sector of the galaxy to settle it in Life and Light. Some of it is in Harmonic 33 or the Tzolkin. He’s in charge. He is already glorified in our Local Universe because of his visit to our planet not that long ago. I trust this will all work out but Sacha is right, it won’t be pretty for humans that view the media as God, hate their bodies, bow to doctors and money and don’t love themselves or others. God help us all to wake up.

My Fellow Sapiens! 
Firstly, I need to acknowledge the love, with thousands of letters of support incoming. Thank you for the kindness.

I’m getting this out today in anticipation of what is kicking-off in Washington and by extension the rest of the world. The temporal mask of Abaddon is to be torn off in the coming days, and it’s not going to be a pretty sight. But it’s all in perfect timing, and signifies the onset of restoration, restitution and re-genesis of our beleaguered world. 
The ‘deep state’ Babylonian priesthood which I’ve lectured on for two decades moves swiftly toward end-game now. It’ll be Q2 and beyond before any sense of coherence starts to kick in. April 1st might indeed prove to be the last laugh.

Before this, a seismic reckoning and psycho-cultural reset takes place in the collective. The basement will be aired for the first time in millennia, revealing through declassification and confessionals the bare bones of generational ritual-Satanism, eugenics, genocide, blackmail, fraud and full-spectrum treason by the few against the many. Over 200,000 indictments, military trials and disbatchment are underway, which will shake the foundation of our world.

Weinstein and Epstein will prove to be the decoy class of rogue. Remember the United States of America is the world. We are not spectators. We are the cast, the crew and the extras. In fact we are the scriptwriters. 

The globalist Dreamspell conspiracy that is mainstream media and academia shackled to ‘socialist media’ is soon to be regulated out of existence (in some cases retooled and repurposed) by executive-orders and landmark prosecutions. Silicon Valley will be as the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah, its transhumanist fetishism deconstructed and genetic intervention of homo sapiens blown out of the water. 
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In graceSacha Stonevox populi ~ vox

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