An example of Synchronicity

My 40-year-old ID card

This card turned up in a drawer recently. It’s amazing it lasted this long so I took a good look at it.

I’ll preface this with the historical fact that I won a full four-year scholarship to study opera in Chicago at Chicago Musical College, Roosevelt University when I was 18 and didn’t want to do it in the least. It was my mother’s dream, high school director and family dream for me. None of them cared what I wanted or how I felt about any of it and didn’t ask. There are these huge SHOULDS around selfish people stuck in their egos when it comes to young people. I used the situation to get out of my hometown and kick off the dust. It was an escape plan. I ended up losing my voice and giving up the scholarship.

Now I’m 57 and people still say “should” to me when they find out what I’ve accomplished and what I can do. That would be anything I want to put my mind to and focus on. I have many options and could easily get overstretched.

There is the key word; FOCUS. I am blessed with a large goody bag of abilities and skill I’ve likely honed over many lifetimes so it’s not as though I haven’t worked for it and I’m lucky. That’s not the case. When much is given much is asked and I’ve been hated jealously most of my life for it so I stay to myself.

Here is the synchronicity. The emblem in the corner of the card is the triquetra or 3 circles within a circle that is also used by which was founded by Jose Arguelles. Time is Art. The symbol on my card was for Three Arts because the place I stayed was for Female Artists. Jose put the triquetra in the center, set it on a triangle and spread it out to 3 earths and put another circle around it. That makes it Universal. It links my destiny from Chicago in 1981 to 1990 when I started working with the Mayan information in Sedona, AZ.; only a stretch of 9 years. I am Red 13 Skywalker; 4:13:13:13 is my coordinate.

The address of The Three Arts Club is 1300.

My room number adds up to 13.

The street I lived on was Goethe, a famous poet, writer and more from the 18th century. He was Red 11 Earth born in the Blue 1 Hand wavespell, my 5GForce and my profession as a Healer.

I was not destined to be a performer and it’s all over my astrology and Sabian Symbols. I was born to do WHAT I AM DOING NOW of my own choosing which many people have fought and JUDGED me on my whole life because I have big musical talent. Then the “shoulds” follow. That is all over my Mayan signature, my astrology placements and my Sabian symbols. Ignore what humans say. They are not Universal Oracles. They are not God in you. They need to mind their own business and the world would be in better shape. Besides, they usually have stars in their eyes and are riding your coat tails by saying they know you, like a parasite. It’s soul sucking.

This is confirmation 40 years later that I’m on the right Universal track. That and I see 1234, 456, 122, 111 1111 daily. When your life is improving you can feel it. Line it up with the Universe not with human society. You won’t be sorry.

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