Monday; New 13-Day Cycle with White 1 Magnetic Wizard-Jaguar; Magnetic Lysine

I Unify in order to Enchant. Attracting Receptivity I seal the Output of Timelessness with the Magnetic tone of Purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Dream Spell Kin #14

The analog support is Red 1 Magnetic Serpent mediated by Maldek, just like White Wizard.

The Guide Power is Itself

The Antipode Challenge is Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed mediated by Jupiter. This is an active dynamic targeting evolutionary potential in our DNA.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 13 Cosmic Hand or cosmic healing from particular lightworkers on the planet who understand that the entire species DNA is uplifted and can now re-sequence via The Sun. It’s time for a healthcare that is about HOW TO HEAL AND ALIGN YOURSELF by your choices, feeling and thought habits and actions.

The 5th GForce is White 13 Cosmic Worldbridger which was the Analog yesterday. It is cosmic change and opportunity.

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