Getting Comfy and Down to Earth with Yellow 12 Human

“I dedicate in order to influence.

Universalizing wisdom I seal the process of FREE WILL with the crystal tone of cooperation.

I am guided by the power of flowering.”

The Dreamspell, Kin #12. 3:12:12:12

Today is Yellow 12 Crystal Human.

These are American, human archetypes that are unique to us on Earth. It’s not something any of us are terribly willing to give up at this time of year. We are a communal species (Tone 12) and being mammals we like to be warm and snuggle up. No longer do we have fur or a nest but that programming is still in there. Anything that tries to defeat that isn’t going to work. We like to sing, eat, play, make snow-men and deal with being a misfit. I’m grateful to be human in this Grand Universe of diverse species and we shouldn’t be too eager to try to be LESS HUMAN. It’s all good.

Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury are evolving in the themeplex today. The Moon is in Taurus in synchronicity with Yellow 12 Human ∞ Blue 12 Hand whose mediating planet is Earth as it is for Taurus.

The Guide Power Yellow 12 Seed mediated by Jupiter aligns with Jupiter-Saturn astrological aspects this afternoon.

We have Uranus ruling White Wind-Aquarius as the antipode challenge. This is prescient of the very significant synchronicity coming up on Jan. 20 of the Sun entering Aquarius on that day in the NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS for the first time on the day of the Presidential Inauguration. This omen is prescient hitting on analog Blue 12 Hand today since we just had the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Blue 7 Hand and POTUS is Blue 3 Hand. Very significant events have been landing on Blue Hand gateways for the last six months. I didn’t do it. It’s the Universal Matrix at work. I just heed it and share it.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight at dusk is Red 2 Moon mediated by Mercury, in perfect synchronicity with the Moon entering GEMINI at 6:30p.m, the dualistic twins, back and forth. Red Moon and Gemini are ruled by Mercury.

Time to ground and stabilize some feelings tonight before we hit the ever Cosmic Red 13 Skywalker tomorrow! That’s me. There is a breakthrough on the horizon. 😃🤩🥳😎👩‍💻🌏🌄🛸. I just posted about a radio SIGNAL coming from Proxima Centauri and Red Skywalker is a Signal Kin so I will see what comes of it. My radar is always on!

I just looked in my Tzolkin Book and INDEED, Yellow 2 Polar Star is the vibe being used by the Galactic Fifth Force Group today to bring us up to FIFTH DENSITY. It is the 5GForce today. I noted on the previous post that as far as the TIME PORTALS ON EARTH go, Yellow Star and Red Skywalker Portals are probably both receiving signals from Proxima Centauri right now and that is correct.

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