Happy Christmas Eve Day on this White 10 Planetary Dog Gateway; The Tribe of J. C.; Manifested Love and Loyalty Towards the Human Species

Ascending Earth, Ascending Humans BECAUSE OF the Ascension of Christ which would not have occurred without his HUMAN BIRTH which we celebrate at midnight

I want to frame this whole scene a new way.

We are about to celebrate a phenomenon that occurs worldwide for those cultures and people who know J.C. as the creator and ruler of our Universe. Why would an ascended Master who was one with God, bother to become a vulnerable little human baby and live on this planet with us, heal us and teach us how to love one another? Then, not only that, he was willing to teach the lesson of YIELDING, not sacrifice, by his horrific death that the Urantia book says even offended the forces of darkness.

Mediated by Mercury, Analog support is Red 10 Moon, Guide Power was White 10 Mirror for planetary reflection, Antipode challenge is Yellow 10 planetary Sun which is practically blowing up right now, and the Hidden Wisdom is Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey.

Blood is QI. J.C. was a real human filled with blood which is full of DNA, only HIS blood was not the average DNA. It was filled with the Holy Spirit. The Christians erroneously teach that his blood saved us when what they mean is HIS DNA IN TIME and his MANIFESTATION (Tone 10 today) as a human being and the record of his life saved us. His WORDS saved us as The LOGOS. The Word Became Flesh (That is literally White 10 Planetary Dog) and dwelt among us full of grace and truth.

Blood is QI, QI is DNA and DNA is TIME. His TIME With us on earth, his teachings, his example, his reputation, all of it continues to change our planet. This is HIS planet. He created everything on it or created it to evolve on it’s own. But the molecular patterns here are universal. It’s his universe. Dr. Stephen Greer who works with ET and UFO phenom as well as the military says that all beings are under the authority of Christ. Corey Goode and David Wilcock say the same thing. His reach is universe wide, not just earth so we have nothing to fear. If you meditate on this you’ll know it’s true.

Why has mainstream media been trying to cancel Christmas? It reminds me of the Christmas movie, The Grinch. Because the birth of Christ, even if it wasn’t Dec. 25, and it wasn’t, was the WORST thing that could happen to them. That the creator and ruler of our Universe would humble himself in pure love and absolute HEALING power as a baby to come here and live with us, and then to be tortured and die a horrific death to release the Holy Spirit INTO THE DNA of humanity is the current NAIL in their coffin. He finished it with the forces of darkness with his Ascension right after his death!!

Our bodies are filled with God. It’s in our blood. Blood is QI and Christ’s blood spilled as a sacrifice did not save us; his manifestation as a human being with flesh and blood just like us, INTO OUR SPECIES, has saved our souls. The rest of the Universe species want what we have. Don’t minimize or insult yourself. Our universe ancestors honor us, truly as children of God, like Christ.

Have a beautiful day of manifested love and loyalty from the Tribe of Christ; White 10 Planetary Dog.

White 4 Self-Existing Dog is the Galactic Fifth Force Tribe for our Helpers in Fifth Density. Meditate by yourself in gratitude, from the heart for BODY, your BREATH, the time you have on the planet to share with others and for all those through your life who loved you and helped you. Forgive this sitting in shadow and self-hatred and pray that they wake up to self-love.

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