Wednesday Reading; The Line-up is a Bit Emotionally Wild Today

9Methionine, the Start Codon

Red 9 Moon attributes; Realizing intention, pulsing, new action, future, confidence, purification, flow, universal water, the emotional truth, SELF-REMEMBERING, communication, aware

Try to hold the line and be by yourself more today if possible. I went out in public to pick up my groceries and I picked up (not absorbed) all of this confused human emotion. Part of it is people are confused by the LACK of a real Christmas vibe or the usual Christmas crazy dysfunctional vibe. The GOOD MOJO already happened on Winter Solstice and they knew it but because they don’t follow the Earth or their bodies they don’t know what it means.

We know what it means. The timeline has changed because we have new light codes to up- level our bodies and align with the Tzolkin Harmonic. Keep in mind that the Tzolkin Harmonic lines up our DNA with the rest of the Universe IN TIME, THROUGH TIME because we ARE time. Our bodies can now be changed quickly by absorbing the new light codes, moving our own QI, acknowledging our own emotions, letting it go and then taking action OR sitting still as the case may be. Share this blog with your family and friends and maybe they’ll start to get it.

The analog support is White 9 Solar Dog or the Christ energy coming through our Sun, again, the self-love and love of others light codes.

The Guide Power whose affect just ended was Red 9 Solar Serpent or the NEW light codes from the Serpent tribe due to Monday’s conjunction and the Tiamat karma being done. Red Serpent is mediated by Maldek (Mars).

We are now under the antipode challenge Blue 9 Solar Storm or VERY STRONG self-generation, even aggressively going after someone or something to get something moving IN OURSELVES. There is a measure of projection or deflection happening. The Mars-Pluto Square supports this as well as Chiron (wounded healer) squaring Aries. The Moon is still in Aries as well.

The Hidden Wisdom is our friendly Yellow 9 Solar Human Tribe; sun worshipping today. The Yellow Human kin are holding down the fort with the the Blue Hand kin who are in light, not in shadow. Good grounding here. The hu man species is well worth all of this good effort.

The Galactic Fifth Force Group helping to GROUND FIFTH DENSITY which we are NOW IN is Blue 5 Radiant Overtone Monkey or a pretty handsome, good looking, physically toned human. LOL. That’s all good. We still have a body but it will become less dense as time passes.

Need to head off to a patient. I may add more later.

Have a good afternoon. L.

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