Daily Reading; Yellow 9 Solar Star; We Have Some Grumpy Aspects to Deal with Today

I harmonize in order to Beautify.

Modeling Art I seal the Store of Elegance with the Galactic tone of Integrity.

I am guided by the power of Free Will

The Dreamspell, Kin #8

Yesterday’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was impressive and exhilarating. I loved it and posted on it all day. Today we are back on the ground with the Sun entering Capricorn, the Moon in Aries and Mars square to Pluto as well as Venus squares all day. It’s in complete synchronicity with the Tzolkin Themeplex. This is also the anniversary of 1/1/11. As I mentioned below there is a pulse from Tone 6 to Tone 11 that stimulates ascension so that is afoot today.

Our mediating planet is Venus all day and squaring everything so for some cosmic reason we are being compressed. The Theme is Yellow 9 Solar Star Leucine

The analog support is Blue 9 Galactic Monkey which speaks to some up-leveling work for humans as we progress forward at a steady pace.

Our Guide Power is Yellow 8 Galactic Human. Pay attention to humans that model integrity and harmony as they influence, impart wisdom and champion FREE WILL. Humans are co-creators and holders of the chalice so this will be people who have high self-esteem and take care of themselves.

The antipode challenge is mediated by PLUTO; White 8 Galactic Mirror. This is a tough one. This alignment may account for all the squares and the Pluto squaring Mars is right here because the Hidden Wisdom is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker, mediated by Mars! The Galaxy is holding up a mirror to our limited vision and context within which we live and breathe. It’s time to have a big open mind and understand that we live in an inhabited universe with unlimited ability to heal ourselves.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker, mediated by Mars and squared the antipode. This vibe is exact. Skywalker’s tend to be direct, bold, and in your face. With the Moon in Aries today, and me being an Aries and a Skywalker, all I have to do is be honest and kind and really piss someone off who does not feel like seeing the truth about themselves. The energy applies to everyone in degrees but I recommend staying quiet. People are on edge right now because these energies afoot cannot be stopped and are very powerful. Everyone deals with it differently. I’m personally thrilled and rolling with it. Lightworkers generally are but I only say that here.

The Galactic Fifth Force Group of beings are using Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human to pulse things along today. Tone 6 is not particularly pleasant, like tone 11 it’s disruptive. Some people dig disruptive some don’t. I don’t. I like calm and structure so I stay away from it. Like I said, I’ll keep my mouth shut today. Other people may find a window to say something useful! Go for it if you feel it.

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